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Achieving Balance

April 24, 2019 | 0 Comments
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How do you achieve it?

How do you juggle all the different areas of your life and keep them in perfect harmony?

You start by trying not to.

While I agree that the pursuit of balance is important, and while I agree that having relative harmony across all areas of your life is a key to happiness, “balance” can quickly become a cop-out for not sacrificing what you need to sacrifice, and not focusing on what you need to focus on, in order to achieve success in different areas of your life at different points in time.

The truth is that success demands obsession. And obsession and balance are antagonistic; they are complete opposites. They cannot simultaneously exist at the same point in time.
So from a short term perspective, you have to choose one over the other. And if you want to be successful in anything you do, you have to choose obsession.
I think people can easily fall into the trap of using balance as an excuse. Using it as a safety net because they are afraid of going all-in and it not working out. Afraid of failing at one thing, so they spread themselves thin over everything, and never really succeed at anything.

Or even so afraid of other people’s opinions about their lack of “balance” that they ensure they maintain it at all costs at all times.

I take a much more long term view of balance. I understand that in the short term I am going to need to sacrifice some aspects of my life in order to focus & be successful in others. I am going to need to go through periods of obsession. But when those periods are over I am going to make a conscious effort to focus on the other aspects of my life that have been neglected.

All while not giving a single fuck what other people think about my obsessions and lack of short term “balance”. By doing this I am able to focus on obsession in the short term, and balance in the long term, and therefore reconcile obsession with balance when it comes to achieving success.

I’m not proposing that the same method will work for you… for some of you, it very well may, for others it won’t.

But I’m telling you that the idea of consistent & perpetual “balance” is a recipe for a very ordinary, unfulfilled life.

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