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January 28, 2014 | 0 Comments
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1.What Is It?

Ashwagandha, otherwise known as Withania Somnifera or Indian Winter Cherry, is a herb deriving from the same family as the tomato, bears fruit and leaves and is the size of a raisin. It is native to India, Northern Africa and the Middle East due to the dry climate. The root is the most commonly used component of this herb, where high concentrations of the nutritional properties can be found.

2.What Does It Do?

Ashwagandha is used to relieve symptoms of stress, fatigue, low energy and low concentration levels. It is highly nutritious as it contains an array of Alkaloids, Choline, Fatty Acids, Amino Acids and useful sugars. Ashwagandha is known as an Adaptogen, whereby it has the ability to modulate the body’s response to stress or changes in the external environment. Stress can derive from external sources including toxins, pollutants and chemicals, or internal sources such as anxiety, insomnia and other personal issues. Ashwagandha works to reduce the stress signals and the consequential nervous system response that occurs as a result. Long term stress can wreak havoc on your adrenal glands, which when faced with stress, will produce the cortisol hormone as part of its stress response. This can lead to symptoms of adrenal fatigue, which includes lethargy, anxiety, poor concentration, poor memory, low blood sugar and cravings. High cortisol levels also dramatically impact one’s ability to build muscle and lose fat! To learn more about how to control your Cortisol, check out this article HERE! Over 200 studies have been conducted on this herb, which have reported benefits such as:

    • Reducing Cortisol Levels
    • Improving Learning and Memory
    • Reducing Anxiety and Depression
    • Stabilizing Blood Sugar
    • Lowering Cholesterol
    • Decreasing Inflammation
    • Increasing Libido

3.When Do I Take It?

Ashwagandha should be taken multiple times during the day. Therefore, MJ Fitness recommends supplements with Ashwagandha two or three times, to be taken with your first, third and final meal of the day to avoid digestive upse

4.How Long Does It Take To Work?

As Ashwagandha is an Adaptogen, it will take some time to begin to take effect in the body and reverse damage caused by long-term stress and high cortisol levels. Combined with sensible dieting and training, consistently supplementing with Ashwagandha will take approximately 2 weeks to take effect. The recommended efficacious dosage of Ashwagandha is between 600 and 1000 milligrams, daily.

5.How Much Does It Cost?

Supplements containing the efficacious dosage of Ashwagandha vary in price, typically within the range of $2.31 – $3.21 per serve. Therefore, based on the average price of $2.76 supplementing with the recommended dosage of Ashwagandha each day will cost $82.80 per month.

6.What Are The Top Products?

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