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ATP Science Prototype 8 Supplement Review

November 2, 2015 | 0 Comments
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Product Overview

ATP Science have truly made their name in the supplement industry, with such specifically created, thoroughly researched products that use only the most optimally sources botanicals and ingredients which perform a host of powerful functions in the body. ATP Science Prototype 8 is just one of their various products which will allow you to achieve your aesthetic goals, in the most natural, sustainable way. ATP Science Prototype 8 uses a Transdermal Delivery System, whereby the product is a cream (as opposed to a powder or capsule that requires oral consumption) and applied topically to the skin. It aims to deliver Phytoecdysteroids into local tissues to enhance healing, recovery and muscle hypertrophy.This product can be categorised and compared with other ‘pump inducing’ and Nitric Oxide boosting products on the market, working to increase vasodilation, enhance blood circulation and increase the appearance of muscle fullness. It does however need to be used in a specific manner in order to receive the benefits it delivers. If you’re interested in how a transdermal product can induce such effects, then continue to read this article!

The justification for ATP Science Prototype 8 is simple. When you ingest supplements, the ingredients contained within them require time to break down and absorb into the bloodstream. An active ingredients must pass first through the gut and then the liver, whereby it can then be distributed throughout the bloodstream. By this time, these ingredients may have been used up during this timely process of being absorbed into the gut and liver. For example, a common ingredient used in pump inducing supplements is Arginine. When Arginine is orally ingested, it takes effect in the gut, drawing blood into the stomach and away from your muscles. For this ingredient to continue to work once it has passed the gut and entered your bloodstream, very high quantities are needed. In a typical dose found in existing products on the market, reports reveal that only 5% of the ingested arginine remains when it becomes available!

ATP Science Prototype 8 was originally created to enhance blood circulation throughout the body, to treat various ailments including Diabetes-induced foot ulcers, erectile dysfunction and hair loss. It’s ability to elicit vasodilation, whereby blood vessels expand and allow more blood, oxygen, water and nutrients to travel through them, has merit for bodybuilding and performance purposes. Of appeal is the ability to isolate a specific site in which you want to encourage additional blood flow. Using a product like this in conjunction with the appropriate training method can yield exceptional results for those with hypertrophy related goals, whilst also enhancing recovery and muscular repair for performance based athletes.


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Nutritional Information


The first active ingredient contained within ATP Science Prototype 8 is Cyanotis Arachnoidea Extract, which is the ingredient of most interest in this product. This is because it supplies Anabolic Phytoecdysteroids, which describes natural anabolic compounds that have the ability to increase Protein Synthesis and shuttle fatty acids, glucose and amino acids into muscle cells. Phytoecdysteroids work like anabolic steroids, just without the myriad of side effects typically associated with such. They work by signalling transduction pathways and activating Satellite Cells, which are responsible for producing muscle cells and inducing muscular hypertrophy. Supplementing with a Nitric Oxide booster such as ATP Science Prototype 8 encourages Satellite Cells to activate when muscles are stretched and under tension, to allow Calcium Ions to permeate muscle cells. This allows for immediate cell recovery once muscle fibres have been damaged during training, resulting in repair and hypertrophy. Phytoecdysteroids also works to inhibit Myostatin, which prevents muscle growth and hypertrophy from occurring, whilst also increasing muscle catabolism. Therefore, inhibiting Myostatin is imperative for those seeking to maximise their hypertrophy and recovery potential. Phytoecdysteroids have poor bioavailability when ingested orally (such as in powdered or capsule form), therefore when used transdermally, Phytoecdysteroids are immediately delivered, fast acting and maintained for a longer period of time then oral counterparts. Applying these compounds transdermally allows one to increase vasodilation to the applied site or muscle group, and can therefore work by increasing the transfer of nutrients into the working muscle.

Rosmarinus Officinalis Essential Oil (or Rosemary Oil) is the second active ingredient featured in ATP Science Prototype 8, which works to provide a host of benefits to a user looking to build muscle and enhance their performance. It has been shown to increase mental focus, increase circulation, increase absorption of other active ingredients, improve form and technique and block pain! Rosemary oil has the ability of crossing the blood brain barrier, which means it can take effect faster than orally administered stimulants. Rosemary Oil works to create the ideal anabolic environment and nervous system balance for energetic arousal and muscle hypertrophy. It has been shown to increase muscle mind connection and assist in the penetration of the other active active ingredients contained within ATP Science Prototype 8. Rosemary Oil has traditionally been used for alleviate mental strain, dullness and lethargy as it is a powerful stimulant of the brain and Central Nervous System. This is of interest as other compounds used to achieve this and to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system to induce alertness and energy (such as caffeine or amphetamines) usually burden the Adrenals Glands, causing catabolic cortisol release. Phytoecdysteroids have also been shown to increase Adenosine Tripphosphate (ATP) production, increase glucose delivery, improve insulin sensitivity, enhance protein utilization and increase nitrogen retention in muscles.

A common ingredient found in many Nitric Oxide boosting supplements on the market is Arginine, however Topical Arginine has received attention in recent times. Several studies on the effectiveness of using Topical Arginine has revealed that it is superior to oral administration in its ability to increase NO production to local blood vessels. It also showed to increase the absorption of other ingredients contained within the relevant cream, patch or gel product, while also showing to provide longer lasting effects due to the delayed release of the Nitric Oxide precursor from the skin to the local blood vessels. The slower the delivery system, the longer that ingredients can remain active and at high levels within the targeted muscle. When accompanied by Phytoecdysteroids, Nitric Oxide production is amplified, as is muscle swelling, stretching and inflammation, which triggers a healing response in order to induce hypertrophy.

Vitamin E is also included in the formula of ATP Science Prototype 8, which has been shown to directly raise nitric oxide levels. It does this in a variety of way, predominantly through tocopherols that comprise Vitamin E, which work to influence nitric oxide synthase levels; the key enzyme involved in producing Nitric Oxide. In addition, Vitamin E protects against Free Radical, which can actually inhibit Nitric Oxide production if left circulating in the bloodstream.

Black pepper essential oil (Piper Nigrum) enhances the absorption of active ingredients that are contained within a cream, gel or patch and administered transdermally. Black Pepper is also considered a penetration enhancer, which therefore means it will add an additional driving force of the compounds included in ATP Science Prototype 8 into the skin, through increasing skin permeability and therefore allowing such to be absorbed into the body. Similarly, Disodium EDTA and Glycerin are both contained within the formula for ATP Science Prototype 8 in order to enhance penetration and increase the absorption of the remaining active ingredients.

Peppermint Oil is also included with the ATP Science Prototype 8 formula, and effectively boosts blood circulation. Once the oil touches the nerve endings, pulse rate and blood circulation increase, which helps in carrying oxygen and nutrients to muscles and organs, whilst also leading to increased cognitive function and protection. Peppermint Oil synergistically works with Rosemary Oil to amplify the effects including boosting circulation and enhancing glucose disposal into muscle. This is because Peppermint Oil also works as a penetration enhancer, whereby it can increase the permeability of the skin and therefore enabling compounds to pass through the skin with greater ease. There are many ingredients, both natural and synthetic which can increase the penetration of such compounds transdermally, however studies have revealed that Peppermint Oil was more successful than synthetic alternatives.

Lastly, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, commonly known as Aloe Vera is also contained within the formula of ATP Science Prototype 8. Aloe Vera is used for a broad range of medicinal purposes, including the relief of dry skin, reduce inflammation and treat osteoarthritis and vision problems. Studies revealed that using Aloe Vera to treat wounds increased healing time due to its ability to increase blood circulation to the treated area. Aloe Vera has also been shown to increase the oxygenation of the blood and produce increased volumes of nitric oxide in the body!

Taste & Mixability

Transdermal delivery offers a simple, unique method to achieve the results you desire without having to physically consume a product. Using ATP Science Prototype 8 means you no longer have to risk choosing a bad flavour that you will be stuck with for the next month, or avoid digestive upset you may experience from oral consumption of a particular active ingredient that may not agree with you. Transdermal application is simple and timely, particularly as it can be used at a specific point in time during training. Sometimes, the myriad of supplements we need to use around our training can leave us feeling rather full, due to the amount of water we intake to accompany these. You will not have this issue using ATP Science Prototype 8. The cream itself is a light brown colour which dries clear on the skin. It does feel somewhat sticky at first, however this doesn’t last once the cream is fully rubbed in and absorbed into the skin. It is slightly fragrant, as a result of the natural essential oils, and is therefore actually quite pleasant.

As discussed, depending on the user and your individual goals, the time in which you will use ATP Science Prototype 8 will differ. For those seeking muscular hypertrophy and looking to achieve maximal muscle pumps, ATP Science Prototype 8 should be used during workouts prior to working sets, which aims to maximise blood delivery into a targeted muscle. It can also be used pre-workout, accompanied by your meal, to help drive ingested nutrients from your food into working muscles. This potentiates the mind muscle connection come the time you train, allowing for greater muscle contractions and microfibre tears.

ATP Science Prototype 8 can also be used when participating in ‘re-feed’ meals, to further encourage the delivery of micro and macronutrients into damaged muscles that require repair and recovery. This can be utilised by both those seeking hypertrophy and performance. Alternatively, post-workout is another time for both users to take advantage of ATP Science Prototype 8.


You will notice the effects of using ATP Science Prototype 8 immediately. It begins to work as soon as it touches the skin, quickly absorbing and allowing the active ingredients to enter the bloodstream and targeted muscles with ease. Users will often notice they become immediately more vascular, as the active ingredients have begun their vasodilation process, allowing veins to relax and blood circulation to increase.

To truly maximise vasodilation and muscle pumps, using ATP Science Prototype 8 before a large drop set or superset is where majority of users become amazed with the effectiveness of this product. This will draw maximum blood into muscles, allowing for incredible muscle pumps! You will need to ensure you are contracting your muscles to the best of your ability, with users reporting isolated exercises with a lighter weight allowed them to get as much blood as possible into the targeted muscle. With the addition of ATP Science Prototype 8, you have the best chance of achieving the greatest muscle pump possible, maximising blood and nutrient delivery into that muscle.

For athletes, using ATP Science Prototype 8 prior or during exercise may restrict movement, which may inhibit their ability to perform successfully. For these athletes, ATP Science Prototype 8 can therefore be used to enhance recovery by using it post workout to draw nutrients into a muscle to commence muscle cell recovery and reduce muscle soreness in the following days. This will allow for optimal muscle recovery, as increasing Muscle tissue exposure to Anabolic Phytoecdysteroids promotes a healing and repair response.

In all, using products which boost Nitric Oxide production, increase blood circulation and increase nutrient delivery will have powerful implications when it comes to building muscle and increasing strength. The ingredients used in ATP Science Prototype 8, in addition to the transdermal delivery system gives is an innovative, highly effect new way to allow users to make the most out their training, accelerating nutrient delivery and muscular recovery. Give ATP Science Prototype 8 a try today!

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