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September 30, 2015 | 0 Comments
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1.What Is It?

Biotin also known as Vitamin H and coenzyme R is a naturally occurring B-Vitamin that is essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates, amino acids and fats. Biotin is produced naturally in the body by bacteria found in the intestine and can also be found in small quantities in a number of foods including nuts, cooked eggs, bananas and mushrooms.

2.What Does It Do?

Biotin is used orally to help in the treatment of brittle nails, hair loss, skin rash and diabetes. In particular Biotin has the function of assisting the body to process energy, maintain healthy blood sugar levels and is essential for metabolic processes allowing carbohydrates, protein and fat to be processed quickly.

Combined with a sensible diet and workout regime, Biotin may assist in supporting a normal functioning metabolism, increasing your ability to burn calories throughout the day.

3.When Do I Take It?

To take advantage of the metabolic and insulin sensitivity properties of Biotin, it is best taken first thing in the morning with breakfast. The most efficacious dose of pure from Biotin supplements is 5000 micrograms per day.

4.How Long Does It Take To Work?

There are no acute effects associated with Biotin supplementation. Typically a minimum dose of 5000 micrograms per day for 4 weeks combined with a sensible diet is necessary to see significant strengthening of the hair, skin and nails as well as the metabolic benefits associated with Biotin supplementation.

5.How Much Does It Cost?

Pure from Biotin supplements, range anywhere from $0.10 to $0.20 per  5000mcg serve, depending on the size and quality of the product.

Based on an average price of $0.15 per 5000mcg serve, and based on seven serves per week, supplementing with pure form Biotin will typically cost around $4.50 per month.

6.What Are The Top Products?

We recommend using pure form Biotin products that contain only the highest quality Biotin in a 5000mcg dose.

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