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Choline Bitartrate

May 29, 2019 | 0 Comments
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1. What Is It?

Choline Bitartrate is possible the most common form of choline that is used in sports supplements. Choline Bitartrate is the combination of Choline with a salt called Tartaric Acid. Choline is an essential nutrient that is required by the body to maintain our health. Tartaric Acid is an organic acid that occurs in many fruits such as grapes, bananas and many citrus fruits. The Tartaric Acid is combined with the Choline to increase its bioavailability and absorption in the body.

2. What Does It Do?

Choline Bitartrate is known as a Choline donor that helps enhance cognitive function through the increase of choline into the body. These increased levels of choline then trigger the body to increase the production of Acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that is used in many processes in the body and increasing Acetylcholine production is the key to Choline Bitartrate’s benefits.

For an in-depth break down on the benefits of choline supplementation check out our Choline Supplements Simplified Article.

Unlike other forms of Choline on the market, Choline Bitartrate has not been studied to yield any unique benefits in the body. The benefits you experience from supplementing with Choline Bitartrate are limited to the benefits you get from increased levels of choline. You won’t be receiving any of the additional benefits you get from supplementing with Choline supplements such as Alpha-GPC and/or CDP Choline.

As mentioned, for an in-depth break down of the benefits of increased choline levels through supplementation and thus the benefits of supplementing with Choline Bitartrate check out our article on Choline here.

3. How Much Do I Need To Take?

We’re not going to sugar coat it here, Choline Bitartrate is possibly the least bioavailable form of Choline you can use. It is also the cheapest form of Choline on the market which is no surprise as to why it’s considered to be the most commonly used form; at the end of the day supplement companies are businesses.

Choline Bitartrate is thought to yield about 40% choline by weight, which is on par with a lot of other forms of choline, but you have to remember the absorption & utilisation of that 40% is not at the same level as it’s competitors (Alpha GPC & CDP Choline). Because of this, you need to consume a larger dose of Choline Bitartrate to yield benefits.

A dose of 500 – 2,000 mg of Choline Bitartrate has been shown to yield benefits. The studies are not clear on how much is required for cognitive benefits. From experience, we look for 500 – 1,000 mg in a single dose of Choline Bitartrate. Upwards of 2,000 mg in a day broken up into multiple servings.

4. When Do I Take It?

As with most ‘Nootropic’ ingredients, Choline Bitartrate is best taken at the usual times of the day.


Midday / Early Afternoon

Before Exercise

For general mental health and increased cognition supplementing with Choline Bitartrate in the morning or before any mentally demanding task is ideal. Ensuring you are not taking Choline Bitartrate too close to the end of the day as it may have an influence on sleep.

5. How Long Does It Take To Work?

You will experience the benefits of Choline Bitartrate within the first 30 – 60 minutes after consumption. This will be dose-dependent due to the poor bioavailability of Choline Bitartrate, with large serving sizes expected to yield more noticeable effects in a shorter period of time. Consuming Choline Bitartrate on an empty stomach can help the digestion and the absorption of the ingredient to elicit effects sooner when compared to consumption on a full stomach.

6. What Are The Top Products?

The top products containing Choline Bitartrate are:

  • Ghost Burn V2
    Ghost Burn V2
  • Merica Labz Red White & Boom
    Merica Labz Red White & Boom
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