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December 24, 2013 | 0 Comments
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1. What Is It?

Citrulline is an amino acid that stands alongside L-Arginine and L-Ornithine in the urea cycle to support sports performance and cardiovascular health.

As a standalone supplement Citrulline has the ability to double L-Arginine levels in the blood and is therefore a more effective means of increasing L-Arginine in the body.

Citrulline is typically found in many preworkout and intraworkout products in the form of Citrulline Malate.

2. What Does It Do?

Citrulline helps your body to reduce fatigue and maintain power. In particular, it helps your body to metabolise protein and nitrogen which relaxes blood vessels and promotes circulation. This results in an increase in Nitric Oxide production, reducing fatigue and preserving strength and power output during exercise.

Combined with a sensible diet and workout regime, Citrulline will help increase your training capacity (work volume).

3. When Do I Take It?

To take advantage of the performance enhancing effects of Cirulline, it is best taken 30 minutes before exercise. Citrulline can be mixed with water, or with any other type of supplement, and consumed. The most efficacious dose is a single 3-6 grams serve prior to training.

4. How Long Does It Take To Work?

Citrulline starts working as soon as it enters the bloodstream, which is typically 30- 40 minutes after consumption. Users can expect to experience a decrease in muscular fatigue, and increase in work capacity during their training session. Consistent use in conjunction with a sensible diet and workout regime will see an increase in training capacity within the first 2 weeks of use.

5. How Much Does It Cost?

Citrulline, when sold in pure form, ranges anywhere from $15 – $25 per 100g, depending on the size and quality of the product. Typically, the more Citrulline you buy, or the larger the product size, the better value for money it will become.

Based on an average price of $20 per 100g, and based on one 5g serve per day, supplementing with Citrulline will typically cost around $25 per month.

6. What Are The Top Products?

We recommend using pre/intra-workout supplements containing Citrulline such as Core Nutritionals ABC, JYM Sciences Pre JYM and Gen-Tec P2P These are 3 of the highest quality products on the market in Australia that contain a clinical dose of Citrulline.

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