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Core Nutritionals Core HARD Extreme Supplement Review

November 10, 2015 | 0 Comments
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Product Overview

Core Nutritionals Core HARD Extreme is perhaps the most unique supplement in the Core Nutritionals product range. Core Hard Extreme works with your body as an advanced recompositioning and hardening agent to help you obtain that extra level of dryness, leanness and muscle density through both hormonal and non-hormonal pathways. Core Hard Extreme is suitable for use by both men and women.

For serious athletes who have their daily diet, pre and post workout supplementation, training regime and everything else dialled in, Core HARD Extreme is the final piece in the body recompositioning puzzle, promoting balance between fat loss and muscle growth.

Core Nutritionals Core HARD Extreme combines a full-spectrum blend of cortisol regulators, hardening agents and estrogen blockers in full clinical doses to assist bodybuilders and performance athletes in creating that lean “rock-hard” physique that turns heads on the street and on the stage.


Nutritional Information

Core Nutritionals Core HARD Extreme has been developed by Core Nutritionals President & CEO and 2 x IFPA Yorton Cup Champion, Doug Miller, reflecting a cutting-edge product that works to reduce estrogen dominance, lower cortisol and recomposition the unwanted "softness" associated with undesirable hormonal profiles.


Like all Core Nutritionals products, Core HARD Extreme follows the company’s indispensable principles of providing effective ingredients in effective doses in a non-propriety blend formula, so users know exactly what they are putting into their bodies. 

Each container of Core HARD Extreme lasts a complete 4 week cycle yielding 28 servings (dosed at 1 serve per day), with a recommended serving size of 3 scoops (5 grams in total). 

The first ingredient in Core HARD Extreme is 600mg of KSM-66, a full spectrum Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) Root Extract that maintains the balance of active compounds found in the Withania Somnifera herb from which it is extracted. Ashwagandha is a adaptogenic herb, which works to serve the critical function of maintaining homoeostasis in the body by regulating the production of hormones associated with muscle growth and weight loss.

Specifically, Ashwagandha enhances the function of the body’s neurological, immune, reproductive and energy production systems offering a variety of health-related applications. Amongst the most impressive functions of Ashwagandha Extract in Core HARD Extreme is its ability to statistically reduce serum cortisol levels. Cortisol is a regulatory hormone that inhibits glucose uptake, causes vaso-constriction and increases the breakdown of muscle tissue; some very undesirable effects for any athlete wanting to improve their body composition. By reducing and controlling the body’s release of cortisol, these effects can be mitigated.

Phosphatidyl Serine 50% is the next active compound found in Core Nutritionals Core HARD Extreme, included in a clinical dose of 500mg. Phosphatidyl Serine is a relatively new supplement, however a growing body of research suggests it plays an active role in the reduction of stress response and subsequent increase in exercise capacity and performance. Phosphatidyl Serine works as a powerful cortisol suppressing agent, blunting the release of cortisol significantly, which helps to lower muscle breakdown after exercise.

Phosphatidyl Serine in Core HARD Extreme also plays an important role in blunting the mechanisms responsible for over-training, making it beneficial for performance based athletes during intense training cycles & physique based athletes during the final stages of contest preparation. Phosphatidyl Serine works to speed up recovery and reduce the negative effects of over-training that often occur when calories are restricted and body fat levels decline during high volume periods of training.

The health and performance related benefits of Core HARD Extreme are further enhanced with the addition of 500mg of Pomegranate Extract and 500mg of White Button Mushroom Extract. Pomegranate Extract provides a rich assortment of active compounds, antioxidants and polyphenols that boast health promoting power and distinct performance benefits. Specifically Core HARD Extreme uses Pomegranate Extract to diminish the effects of free-radicals, reducing cell oxidation and stress whilst promoting increased androgenic activity and delaying signs of ageing. 

The White Button Mushroom Extract found in Core HARD Extreme offers extraordinary benefits, providing biologically active substances that are used by the body to generate and repair cells and improve immune function. In addition, White Button Mushroom Extract contains active compounds of the fatty acid CLA that work to minimize the effects of the aromatase enzyme, resulting in a reduction of estrogen production throughout the body.

Core HARD Extreme also contains 300mg of L-theanine, an amino acid found exclusively in teas that promotes relaxation and reductions in stress without sedation. Specifically, L-theanine influences the central nervous system via increasing the release and concentration of the "feel good" chemical Dopamine, and also increasing levels of Serotonin. Essentially the L-theanine in Core HARD Extreme promotes increased concentration, decreased anxiety and increased performance during times of stress, making it particularly useful for competition preparation & high volume training phases.

The inclusion of 200mg of 3,3-Diindoylmethane (also known as DIM) in Core HARD Extreme works to balance estrogen and testosterone and also offers numerous anti-carcinogenic effects. DIM acts to inhibit the aromatase enzyme, preventing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen whilst simultaneously promoting internal estrogen metabolisms that reduce ‘bad’ estrogen metabolites in favour of the production of "good" estrogens. Subsequently, DIM supports a healthy testosterone to estrogen ratio, while its mechanisms of action combined with resistance training encourage increases in lean muscle mass.

Finally, Core HARD Extreme contains 40mg of N-Coumaroyldopamine, a phytochemical found in various plants including cocoa that can effectively “turn on” the Beta-2-adrenergic Receptor. The Beta-2-Adrenergic receptor works to increase cAMP, a desirable compound that benefits every physiological process related to increased muscle mass and improved body composition. Furthermore, this mechanism ultimately increases the activation of Mammalian Target of Rapamycin (mTOR)m, a specific protein that leads to increased protein synthesis. Consequently, N-Coumaroyldopamine helps support the pathways involved in the inhibition of muscle atrophy (catabolism), whilst simultaneously activating pathways such as m(TOR)m that are involved in muscle hypertrophy.

Taste & Mixability

Unlike the original Core HARD, which is available in capsule form in the United States, the new Core HARD Extreme is formulated in flavoured powder form specifically for the Australian market.

Core HARD Extreme is initially available in the exclusive and ever-popular Pineapple Strawberry flavour, with additional flavours likely to be released in the near future.     

Core HARD Extreme offers superb mixability in a shaker, while those who prefer to use a glass with cold water will also be surprised how easily the supplement mixes and dissolves with just a few flicks of the wrist.

As far as taste is concerned, Core HARD Extreme is quite pleasant and one of the few in its category that users actually look forward to drinking.  


Core HARD Extreme is one of the most interesting and versatile product formulations to hit the Australian supplement market. Although the research surrounding the seven powerful compounds is still emerging, the dose of each ingredient exceeds expectations, making Core HARD Extreme a great addition for any physique competitor or performance athlete looking for that “something extra”.

Core HARD Extreme provides a powerful and acute blunting effect on cortisol through the inclusion of Ashwagandha Root and Phosphatidyl Serine, whilst DIM and  N-Coumaroyldopamine act on mechanisms that promote healthy testosterone balance and restore hormonal homoeostasis.

Core HARD Extreme is a fantastic addition to any pre-competition supplement stack, and is equally suitable for those athletes seeking enhanced body recompositioning goals. Core HARD Extreme can be used as a standalone recompositioning and hardening agent, or it can be stacked with complementary Core Nutritionals products such as Core BURN Ultra to further enhance fat loss. Core Hard Extreme can be used by both men & women looking to take their supplementation to the next level.    



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