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Do The Work

April 24, 2019 | 0 Comments
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Do the work.

Pay your dues.

Go through some difficult shit.

Not only because it’s the only way to get real results. And not only because it builds discipline and resilience.
But because it instils worthiness.

You know why I am so confident? Why I think anything is possible? Why I’m consistently taking shit to higher and higher levels? Why I expect to succeed?

Because I’ve done the fucking work.

I busted my ass at university & graduated with first class honours degrees in two of the hardest fields of study. I deserved to score an amazing job when I graduated. And when it happened, I expected it. Because I earned it.

I competed in over 20 shows over 12 years. Worked and worked year after year on the weaknesses in my physique. I deserved to turn pro. And when it finally happened, I expected it. Because I earned it.

I’ve been putting in work in the fitness industry since 2005. Consistently grinding through long ass days and facing countless struggles time after time. So when amazing opportunities come my way that surprise others, and when my company achieves things that blow people’s minds, I’m not amazed. I expect it. Because I’ve earned it.

I’ve done the fucking work. I’ve paid my dues. I’m getting what I deserve. What’s rightfully mine.

And there isn’t anything anybody can do or say that’s going to stop me.

And you know what the scary thing is? I’m just getting started. I’ve got so much sweat equity left on the table that continues to accumulate every single day.

I’m not telling you this to boast or brag. I’m telling you this because I want to instil this kind of worthiness in each & every one of you. And the only way to get it is to make sure you do the fucking work.

So if you think you’re going to fake it ‘til you make it, sure, it may work for a period of time. But eventually it’s going to collapse. Because you’re building a fake empire on a foundation of quicksand.
When you actually do the work, when you actually pay your dues, when you actually go through the difficult shit, you’re building a foundation out of solid rock.

You’re going to know what’s rightfully yours and you’re going to rip faces off to get it.

So do the fucking work.

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