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GHOST® Greens Supplement Review

May 29, 2020 | 0 Comments
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Are Ghost® making Greens cool?

The world stops for a moment when Ghost® drop a new product. This was no exception when they dropped Ghost® Greens. The first general health supplement this brand has launched since coming to the market so you know they are going to do something special. The real question is, how special?

Ingredient Breakdown:

Things get a little complicated when it comes to breaking down a product like this. There really isn’t clinical dosages for ‘greens’ ingredients and 99% of the time, these products use proprietary blends to hide what dose of each ingredient is being used.

First things first, on that last point about proprietary blends. One thing Ghost® doesn’t mess around with is hiding behind blends on their label. Go, have a look at the nutritional panel, Ghost® has gone to the effort of literally disclaiming the serving size of EACH and EVERY ingredient int this product. This is unheard of for Greens supplement, no really, it is.

So let’s break down this product going through each of the blends and focusing on the ingredients being used.

Starting with the ‘Ghost® Fruits x Vegetables’ blend – totalling 6,640 mg per serve

Super Greens ‘Blend’

Alright, well we have Kale, Wheat Grass, Spirulina, Chlorella, Barley Grass and a bunch of other ‘green’ ingredients. These ingredients are in here to yield a wide variety of micronutrients but for this particular blend, we are looking at the likes of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin K. It’s also worth noting the inclusion of Spirulina, a form of microalgae, which contains a very impressive antioxidant profile as well as contributing the essential fatty acid known as linolenic acid.

Dose p/serve: 4,340 mg per serve

Antioxidant Reds ‘Blend’

Reds, just like greens but… well, red! Greens often get all the attention in superfood supplements but you cannot go past the benefits of ‘red’ ingredients. Primarily made up of fruits but also vegetables, reds, are included for their incredible antioxidant profile. Yes, they will contain some of the same vitamins and minerals as your greens but reds hold their own thanks to their antioxidant content which can help the body support mitochondrial function, reduce oxidative stress & inflammation and even protect our eyesight.

Dose p/serve: 2,200 mg per serve

Spectra™️ Total ORAC Blend

Spectra™️ is the worlds first clinically tested and scientifically proven blend of fruits, vegetables and herbs to actually provide health benefits in the body. This trademarked blend of 29 ingredients has been shown to stimulate antioxidant activity, inhibit free radical production & even enhance nitric oxide levels in the body naturally. All of this being achieved by a standardized and clinically proven 100 mg serving size. It’s very impressive.

Dose p/serve: 100 mg of Spectra™️

Recommended dosage: 100 mg per day

Then we move onto the ‘Ghost® Gut Health’ blend – totalling 2,225 mg per serve

Inulin (Prebiotic from Chicory Root)

Inulin serves two purposes. One and most commonly as a prebiotic fibre source. Inulin from the chicory root source is made up of fructans, which do not get broken down in the small intestine and act to help keep digestion moving along in the body. The secondary function of inulin is as a natural sweetener, while there are a number of other sources of prebiotic fibre that could be used in a formula like this, the sweetness of inulin would help contribute to the flavour of the product.

Dose p/serve: 2,000 mg of Inulin

Ghost® Probiotic ‘blend’

Ghost® then decide to create their own Probiotic blend providing a whopping 10 billion CFU’s (that’s a lot). Containing all your typical strains of probiotics in fully disclosed dosages. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that are found in the digestive tract that allow the body to properly digest the nutrients we consume. By consuming high-quality strains of good probiotics you can help improve your gut health and digestion.

Dose p/serve: 115 mg / 10 billion CFU’s of Probiotics

BioCore® Optimum Complete

BioCore® is a trademarked blend of high-quality digestive enzymes from ingredient formulator Deerland®. Made up of 11 different digestive enzymes, this blend certainly covers all elements of digestion support. Digestive enzymes, similar to probiotics, are designed to aid the body in digestion and absorption of nutrients that are consumed throughout the day. By supplementing with digestive enzymes you can expect to experience improved digestion and less digestive stress post meals.

Dose p/serve: 110 mg of BioCore®

The Formulation:

Let’s just get this out there straight away. Wow, what a formula. This is far more than just a ‘greens’ supplement and more of a superfood, general & gut health supplement. Really though, if you break it down that’s what you get.

You have a more than adequate ‘greens’ formula, then you get a more than adequate ‘reds’ formula (that’s 2 products covered). The icing on the cake is the inclusion of the trademarked Spectra® into the mix, bringing not only a clinical dose but scientific backing to this blend.

Then you move onto the ‘gut health’ part of this product. Between the prebiotic fibre, the probiotics and the digestive enzymes. You can easily go and buy 3 separate products that would not only cost you an arm and a leg but also have you consuming who knows what else. Instead, Ghost® have put together one of the most comprehensive gut health and digestive support blends we have seen… inside their ‘greens’ product.

So we’re not really sure what else to say about this formulation… but let’s go through our usual approach and see what comes up.

How is the dosing of the ingredients?

While there is no clinical dosing for a lot of the elements being used in this product, we did compare it to other formulations on the market. Safe to say the size of the ‘blends’ they have used is heads and shoulders above the rests. Let alone the fact they have gone and fully disclosed EVERYTHING! Way to make everyone else look bad Ghost®… again!

Is there anything missing?

This one is easy, no. As we mentioned before, this being called ‘Greens’ is an understatement to the product. While they do subtly mention the word ‘Superfood’ on the label it’s not the main marketing of the product, even though it should be. The formula covers everything you would expect from a Greens AND Superfood supplement.

Would we want to see anything else in there?

The hardest question to answer because it is so easy for us to throw out ideas of ingredients, blends, inclusions we would like to see but without testing the formula with those additions, we just don’t know how it would stack up. For complete transparency, here are some suggestions of ‘blends’ some other products include that we do like the idea of. The use of mushrooms for their unique properties, blends focusing on blood sugar stabilisation and also the possibility of expanding the product to focus on specific vitamin and mineral content to truly become the ALL-IN-ONE daily life support supplement.

But as we said, those additions all have the potential to ruin the synergism that is the current formula. Not to mention a lot of those suggestions can really go either way. Sometimes they agree with someone, and sometimes they don’t. In the scheme of making a product designed for EVERYONE in mind, Ghost® have done that.

Taste & Consumability:

Taste. How does it taste? Let’s be real here, I’m sure at least 67% of you have just scrolled past all the beautifully written breakdown above to just come here and find out how it tastes! And so you should! It’s Ghost® Greens! If anyone is going to flavour a greens product right, it’s going to be Ghost®!

So… it tastes GOOD! Ghost® Greens is available in 2 flavours; you have the Original flavour and then they offer a Lime flavour. Let’s make this really straight forward, both flavours taste delicious! The lime is a perfect choice to mask the typical greens tastes you get from a greens formula and the original tasks just like a greens formula would task.

What separates Ghost® Greens from the rest is the texture, consistency and LACK of grittiness! Like really the lack of grit is questionable of whether the formula is actually legit (not serious, but you get the point). Mix it in a cup and it’s perfect, absolutely minimal residue on the sides of the glass. You don’t have to re-rinse the glass to get half to the grit you’re supposed to consume. It drinks just like an amino acid supplement which is amazing!

Actual Effects:

You know how it is, we don’t talk shit when it comes to the effects. Look this is a greens product, as you already know. You are not going to take a scoop of Ghost® Greens and feel healthier, that’s a fact. We will say this, we do feel that consuming a greens supplement, especially one as comprehensive as Ghost® Greens does give you a sense of enhanced wellbeing and consistent health. Like, you don’t have those ups and downs in your physical health and vitality as much when you do consistently consume a greens product.

What we will and can comment on is the effect Ghost® Greens had on our digestion. It really had a serious effect on it, in a good way! We were experiencing a bit of bloating and gas post meals, consistently throughout the day… something that had been going on for weeks, if not months. Within a week of consuming Ghost® Greens, the bloating was almost gone and the ‘gassiness’ was too and absolute minimal. A surprising and very impressive result!

What’s The Verdict?

Ghost® Greens, quite possibly one of the best put together ‘Greens’ / ‘Superfoods’ / General Health supplements we have seen on the market to date. The transparency in the formula, the dosing of the blends and then the variety of the ingredients being used really puts this product at the top of its class. Which is something that Ghost® have become really bloody good at doing!

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