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Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine HCl (GPLC)

July 15, 2015 | 0 Comments
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1.What Is It?

Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine HCl (abbreviated to GPLC) is a form of Propionyl-L-Carnitine bonded at the molecular level to the amino acid Glycine. Propionyl L-Carnitine is a derivative of the popular amino acid L-Carnitine, which is used to metabolise and transport stored body fat for use as energy. The addition of the Glycine molecule increases the bio-availability of Propionyl L-Carnitine and also acts as a potent nitric oxide booster, which results in a broad range of benefits.

2.What Does It Do?

As a potent form of L-Carnitine, GPLC helps the body produce energy from stored body fat by shuttling fatty acids from fat cells into the mitochondria of muscle cells where the fatty acids can be metabolised and used to produce energy. This process is known as fat metabolism. An increase in the use of stored body fat for energy will result in a reduction of stored body fat.

GPLC also enhances the level of nitric oxide in the bloodstream, which leads to an increase in blood flow and an increase in oxygen and nutrient delivery to working muscles. Consequently, users may experience an increase in vascularity and an increase in muscle pump when supplementing with GPLC. As a result, GPLC has the ability to increase performance during training. It has also been shown to reduce markers of muscular damage following anaerobic exercise by increasing the oxygenation of muscles and eliminating lactic acid and other metabolic waste, hence increasing post-workout muscle recovery.

Combined with a sensible diet and workout regime, GLPC can assist fat loss, increase vascularity and muscle pump, improve performance and enhance recovery.

3.When Do I Take It?

To take advantage of the benefits of GPLC, it is best taken 15 – 30 minutes prior to exercise. It can be taken on its own, or in addition to any other pre-workout supplement.

4.How Long Does It Take To Work?

GPLC starts working as soon as it enters the bloodstream, which is typically 15 – 30 minutes after consumption. Users can expect to experience an increase in muscle pump and an increase is vascularity during workouts. Users may also experience an increase in mental alertness, concentration and mental focus within this time-frame. Consistent use in conjunction with a sensible diet and workout regime will allow users to experience the full performance enhancing effects of GPLC within the first 2 weeks of use.

5.How Much Does It Cost?

Pre-workout supplements containing GPLC range anywhere from $1.00 to $2.00 per serve, depending on the size, dosage and quality of the product.

Based on an average price of $1.50 per serve, and based on four serves per week, supplementing with a pre-workout supplement containing GPLC will typically cost around $24 per month.

6.What Are The Top Products?

We recommend using a pre-workout supplement that contains a high dose of GPLC such as Platinum Labs Black Ops. This supplements contains the highest quality GPLC and is one of the best-priced products on the Australian market.

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