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Handling Setbacks

December 3, 2019 | 0 Comments
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So you’ve experienced a setback.

Perhaps you’ve dealt with some adversity.

Gone through some heavy shit.

Once you’ve had time to experience, lean in to, and navigate your initial emotional response, it’s important to understand that it’s not the events that happen in our lives that define us; it’s the meaning that we take from them.

So let me ask you this;

Are you going to live through memories of your past? Or visions of your future?

Because setbacks and adversity are put in our lives to teach us lessons. And often to force us to see opportunities that we have be blind to… force us to level up.

Are you going to be open to learning the lessons? Are you going to pursue the new opportunities? Are you going to level up?

Or are you going to hang your hat on the opportunities you missed out on because of your setback or adversity?

Often the best things that happen for us are the things that never actually happen, usually because a setback or adversity pushes us in a new & different direction.

And I truly believe that only good things happen for us.

I encourage you to embrace the same mindset.

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