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How Do Natural Testosterone Boosters Work?

February 29, 2016 | 0 Comments
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Many individuals to recognise the importance that Testosterone plays in order to successfully attain their muscle building and strength related goals. What many individuals don’t know however, is exactly how these products work and who they are appropriate for. Many quick to buy Testosterone Boosting products without really knowing whether they need them or what they actually do.

There are two different types of natural testosterone boosters:

1. Testosterone Potentiators

These usually contain herbal derivatives and specific Amino Acids  that actually signal to your body to increase its’ production of Testosterone. As a result, this surge in Testosterone production also increases the amount of Free Testosterone, which is the Testosterone that can actually be utilised for a myriad of internal processes, particularly those related to building muscle and gaining strength.

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2. Anti-Estrogen (Anti-Aromatase or Estrogen Blockers)

Another Supplement category which is commonly utilised by those on a quest to enhance natural Testosterone production are in the form of Estrogen blockers. These products aim to reduce or eliminate the Estrogen Hormone in the body. These supplements work to acheive this by blocking the process of aromatisation.

Aromatisation is the process by which your body attempts to keep the ratio of your sex hormones (testosterone to estrogen) in balance. The way it does that is by converting a certain amount of testosterone into estrogen, using the Aromatase enzyme. Therefore, Anti-Estrogen supplements (Anti-Aromatase) products block this conversion process. As a result, your natural testosterone levels can remain high or even increase because less is being converted into estrogen. Your estrogen levels will also decrease as you experience a higher testosterone to estrogen ratio, creating the perfect anabolic environment for building muscle and burning fat.

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Can you combine Testosterone Potentiators and Estrogen Blockers?

The answer is, YES, you absolutely can.

In fact, we thoroughly recommend it if you Testosterone Potentiator is Potent and doesn’t contain any Anti-Aromatase ingredients.

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