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How Frequently Should You Train a Particular Muscle Group?

February 29, 2016 | 0 Comments
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There a variety of opinion and studies that exist surrounding this topic, therefore there is no definitive, absolute correct answer. 

For decades in the bodybuilding world, the general convention is to not train the same muscle group more than once per week. This has been the accepted because training stimulates muscles, which in turn results in the breakdown muscle fibres. These muscle fibres are required to repair themselves in order to become larger and stronger. The repair process can take up to a week to fully occur, with muscle soreness being felt anywhere between 1 and 7 days after training. For these reasons, training a single muscle group once per week has therefore become widely accepted.

However, if we are to investigate other sports outside of bodybuilding, we will notice that athletes carry out similar training methods and exercises day in and day out. It all comes down to the goals of the individual athlete. Cyclists make a good case; they train every day, using their legs for hours on end. Yet they still achieve sufficient muscular development.

For those seeking muscle building and hypertrophy related goals, you do need to give yourself some recovery time between sessions. But 7 days may not be necessary.

Therefore, you should use your muscle soreness as a decent indication of muscle trauma and if you have had enough time to rest and recover. If you are sore, don’t train that muscle group. If you aren’t sore, go ahead and train as frequently as you want to.



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