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How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day?

February 29, 2016 | 0 Comments
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The question surrounding how much water one should be consuming every day is frequently asked, not only by avid fitness goers, but by the general population who are simply concerned for their wellbeing. We constantly see many people spending a lot of time, effort and money ensuring they are consuming the right foods at the right times, as well as strictly adhering to their training and supplementation regimes every single day. It can easily be forgotten just how important simply consuming enough water each and every day is, not only to support the attainment of fitness related goals, but to maintain general wellness and allow your body to operate at its’ optimum!

The human body is comprised of up to 60% water; water is necessary for almost every single physiological process that our body’s perform every second! It would be impossible to breathe, eliminate harmful toxins, maintain bloodstream liquidity, regulate body temperature and cushion the joints without it. More specifically, compelling evidence has illustrated how being even the slightest bit dehydrated can impact one’s ability to lose weight, gain muscle and perform at their physical peak. It is of particularly importance for those participating in any kind of training regime to intake sufficient water levels, as they sweat more than the average person and therefore lose a higher proportion of body water stores every day.

In terms of just how much water you should be consuming, it is impossible to provide a simple number, as it largely depends on a variety of different factors. This includes but is not limited to your bodyweight, the quantity of food you eat (and the type of food), what supplements you are taking, the climate of your location, your activity level and your sodium intake.

Therefore, it is encouraged to learn just when your body is perhaps not receiving enough water: also known as when you are dehydrated. If you constantly avoid being dehydrated, you are providing your body with a sufficient amount of water! There is one simple method to determine whether your body fluid levels are enough: check the colour of your urine! If the colour of your urine isn’t transparent, then you are not intaking nearly enough water to support your general health, wellbeing and personal goals. So be sure to pay attention not only to what is going into your body, but what is coming out! Continue to hydrate yourself to ensure your urine remains clear in colour.

We recommend carrying a water bottle at all times, such as a MassiveJoes Bro Jug, which holds over 2L of water! Another simple trick is to mark hour intervals on your drink bottle with a permanent texta, to remind you to drink water every hour of every day. So challenge yourself today! Increase your water consumption to ensure your body is well hydrated at all times, and feel the difference!


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