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How To Get More Vascular

February 29, 2016 | 0 Comments
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The walking roadmap; to the avid gym rat, they are like little bumpy blue trophies. Pumped up, protruding blood vessels stretching the surface of the skin, rushing rivers of blood around the body, transporting nutrients and delivering enzymes to working muscles, screaming for reinforcements. 

But how do we achieve this? How do we become that pumped? How do we get more vascular?

First and foremost, and this really goes without saying, hard work and a high level of intensity during training is the initial prerequisite. High volume resistance training to the point where lactic acid challenges your determination with that unbearable burn. Muscle fibres fatigue and blood enters your muscle taking your skin to its limit, filling every space at cellular level. Train HARD!

So, besides your training intensity, here are three tip that will help you achieve increased vascularity. Let’s list them from most important.

Number one is your body fat levels. The percentage of body fat will determine your ability to appear vascular.  Even if you are ten exercises deep into a Bicep workout,  no amount of time on that Preacher Curl Machine is going to get those veins popping if you are sitting at a high body fat percentage.  Usually, the percentage of body fat necessary to notice vascularity for males is around 10% and 15% for females. Sorry, perhaps that dreaded treadmill should not be ignored just yet.

Sure, some individuals with a higher body fat percentage may show some vascularity, but this comes down to the second reason for increased vascularity’ genetics.
Yep, some people just have exceptional ability to appear vascular due to nothing more than they’re veins sit a little closer to the surface of the skin than others. It’s sometimes that simple.

The third way wherenby you can increase the appearance of your veins during a gym session is through supplementation. Look for Vasodilators and Nitric Oxide Boosters in pre-workout products, both containing stimulants or without, with ingredients such as Agmatine Sulfate, Citrulline Malate, Arginine and Glycerol to name a few. All of these ingredients are very capable of inducing the desired muscle pumps and vascularity, and are contained within most reputable pre workout supplements as well as pure Vasodilators, which are perfect for stacking.  These ingredients also add the advantage of providing an ideal environment for muscular growth and recovery, whereby nutrients can be better shuttled via the bloodstream to where they are needed during, and post workout.

It would be ideal to incorporate these ingredients into your current pre workout regume to take full advantage of all the benefits associated with vasodilation, and of course, creating those big, full, veiny and grainy muscle groups we all aspire to develop.



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