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How To Stay On Track With Your Goals Over The Weekend?

February 29, 2016 | 0 Comments
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Many individuals attempting to stick to a diet or exercise plan often face a hurdle by the time the weekend rolls around. Social events, alcohol or quite simply, exhaustion from the week gone can all throw you off your plan and see the efforts given all week gone to waste. 

You do everything right in respect to your diet and training Monday through Friday, from getting up early to perform cardio, to prepping all your meals for the day in advance. Then, the weekend comes along, bringing with it Friday knock-off drinks, skipped meals, a friend’s birthday on Saturday night, sleeping in and perhaps some cheeky takeaway. 

We have 7 days in a week; if we don’t stick to our desired plan for 2 of those days, that’s almost a 30% of our week where we are giving up the opportunity to work toward our goals. Only committing to your plan for two third of your week can seriously hinder the attainment of your goals and make all the difference when it comes to your results.

The best way to stay on track with your goals over the weekend is to organise your commitments in advance. If you know you have to fit in a training session on Saturday morning, drive your car to work that day so you know you can’t have one too many knock-off drinks. If you’re going to be out and about all weekend, ensure you have enough prepared meals ready to bring with you, so you aren’t tempted by unhealthy food options while out. If you are worried about missing out on spending time with your mates, why not invite them to train with you? Work your goals into your weekend commitments, to better your chances at staying on track.

Typically, when you get your training session in, you’ll be more motivated to ensure your eating stays on track also. If you really struggling to get a session in on the weekend, why not schedule a rest day for during the week? That way, you’ll know if you don’t hit the gym on a Saturday, you’ll miss training an entire muscle group, which can severely hinder your goals. 

We aren’t saying you can’t go out and have fun with a few drinks and a broad variety of food. Just know that you can’t do this all the time, if you want any chance of reaching your goals. Be smart about when you decide to go all out; put in the extra effort during the week to mitigate any damage caused and to ensure your weekend doesn’t take you further away from achieving your goals. 



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