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How To Stick To Your Diet While Travelling

February 29, 2016 | 0 Comments
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Let’s face it; we can’t simply eat, train, sleep and repeat for our entire lives without the need to venture outside of our routines and lifestyles and see what is going on in the rest of the world.

Travelling doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your health & fitness goals or your adherence to your routines.

As is always the case with this fitness lifestyle that we live and breath, training is the easy part. There are always gyms around, particularly with the influx of 24 hour opening times, which can be found on nearly every corner these days. Hotels will usually have some sort of fitness facility on offer too. If not, the art of body weight workouts (try our Metabolic Conditioning workouts HERE!) come in handy, as does taking a walk or jog around the block. But what about the arguably most important part of this fitness machine we ride? Nutrition & Diet.

We have some good news. Your diet does not HAVE to suffer when you travel or take a holiday. It just takes a little extra planning, but not that much! The knowledge of  a few small need to knows and handy tips will allow you to keep you on track throughout your time away.

Firstly, be picky with your choice of accommodation. This is perhaps the most important part! Although staying at a luxury hotel is nice, unless you have the money and means to acquire the services of a Chef and the restaurant kitchen five or six times a day, it is best to book accommodation that is fully self-serviced. This means, at the very least a stove top, a fridge, a microwave and some basic cooking utensils. 

Next, before we set off on that hot air balloon ride or take that day-long adventure tour, we need to set aside an hour or so to prepare. Take a quick trip to the nearest grocery store to your accommodation ideally as soon as you arrive, to pick up the necessary requirements for your diet at the time. So, shop for basic items that allow you to meet your desired macronutrient intake for the day. Opt for lean proteins, easy to prepare carbohydrates and non-perishable fats, which are the best options to cook and consume with the limited facilities you have.

Investing in a Meal Bag that is able to hold 3-6 meals is also one of the best insurance policies you can take out for yourself. That way, you can easily transport the food you have prepared and  easily transfer it from the hotel fridge to your meal containers as needed. This way, there is no room for error when you spend the entire day out and about!  

When it comes to Supplementation, a convenient way to stick to your regime is to use zip-lock bags to store each supplement for the duration of your trip. Sure, you can take tubs and bottles with you if you have the room. But most of us don’t; they are bulky, heavy and take up too much room that should be used for those more important items, like TMJ Apparel and your favourite Sneakers.

Just remember, travelling, no matter how far or long, does not have to hamper your diet and fitness goals. With careful planning and booking the correct facilities, you can make sure the only thing that may change, is the choice of cardio from treadmill, to a walk on the beach.


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