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Mucuna Pruriens (L-Dopa)

October 28, 2015 | 0 Comments
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What Is It?

Mucuna pruriens (L-dopa) more commonly known as velvet bean is a tropical legume native to Africa. The extract of the mucuna pruriens seed is used in many bodybuilding supplements, notably for the presence of L-Dopa a direct precursor to dopamine.

Mucuna Pruriens also contains other active antioxidants and psychoactive compounds including serotonin, 5-HTP and various herbal saponins that may be of relevance in bodybuilding supplements.

What Does It Do?

Mucuna Pruriens contains L-Dopa (levodopa) which is the precursor to several neurotransmitters including dopamine, adrenalin and noradrenaline. Specifically mucuna pruriens has significant antioxidant action that works in tandem with L-dopa to promote brain health, regulate mood and increase cognition.

Due to mucuna pruriens effect on dopamine which influences libido, mucuna pruriens can help to enhance enhance sexual urge and as such is sometimes used in testosterone booster supplements. 

Combined with a sensible diet and workout regime, mucuna pruriens will help to increase mood, improve cognition and enhance libido.

When Do I Take It?

To take advantage of the mood enhancing and cognitive properties of macuna pruriens, it is best taken 15-20 minutes before exercise.  Pre-workout and fat loss supplements containing macuna puriens should be taken with water before exercise. The most efficacious dose of mucuna pruriens (15% L-Dopa) is 250mg-500mg per day.

High doses of macuna pruriens have been shown to have side effects of over stimulation, increased body temperature and restlessness so it is recommended to always use an appropriate doses.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

Macuna pruriens starts working as soon as it enters the bloodstream, which is typically 15 – 30 minutes after consumption. Users can expect to experience an increase in mental alertness, concentration and mental focus within this timeframe. Consistent use in conjunction with a sensible diet and workout regime will experience the full mood enhancing and cognitive enhancing effects within the first 2 weeks of use.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pre-Workout and Fat Loss supplements containing macuna pruriens, range anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00 per serve, depending on the size and quality of the product. 

Based on an average price of $2.00 per serve, and based on four serves per week, supplementing with Pre-workout and Fat Loss products containing macuna pruriens will typically cost around $32 per month.

What Are The Top Products?

We recommend Blackstone Labs Angel Dust V2 and Hybrid Performance Nutrition ACTV8 Shred. These are 2 of the most effective products that contain macuna puriens on the market in Australia.

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