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Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Full as F*ck Non-Stimulant Pre-Workout Review

October 13, 2015 | 0 Comments
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5% Nutrition Full as F*ck is an exciting new product created by Rich Piana‘s 5% Nutrition; a stim-free pre-workout supplement overflowing with a broad range of highly dosed ingredients guaranteed to give you a great pump.


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Product Overview


If you are a fan of Rich Piana‘s pre-workout supplement Kill It, then you are in for a treat! While Kill It is a ‘complete’ pre-workout product and provides the best of both worlds – energy, focus and muscle pumps, 5% Nutrition Full as F*ck attempts to put those pumps to shame. With NINE active, highly dosed nitric oxide boosting ingredients, this product is sure to provide skin splitting, muscle volume enhancing pumps, accompanied with impressive blood vessel dilation for awesome vascularity!

Each tub of 5% Nutrition Full as F*ck contains 30 serves, with each scoop yielding 12 grams of product. 9.86 grams per serve contain active ingredients, which means approximately 18% of each serving comprises colours and flavours. What is exciting about this new, extreme pump blend is the absence of any proprietary blends. Full as F*ck does not hide behind an underdosed proprietary formula, with each individual ingredient and the correlating dosage fully disclosed on the label.

The main culprit in this product is L-Citrulline in a generous 4 gram dose. Citrulline is a non-essential amino acid, which helps the body to reduce fatigue and maintain power. In particular, it helps the body to metabolise protein and nitrogen which relaxes blood vessels and promotes circulation. This results in an increase in Nitric Oxide production, reducing fatigue and enhancing strength and power output during exercise. It possesses a high bioavailability and has the ability to increase levels of L-Arginine in the blood stream, another powerful Nitric Oxide booster in the body. As a result, improved circulation will direct blood flow into working muscles, improving nutrient delivery, muscle endurance and the appearance of muscle fullness. A clinical dose ranges between 3 and 6 grams, which makes Rich’s inclusion of 4 grams in this product acceptable.

Second on the ingredients list is L-Taurine in an impressive 2 gram dosage. Its inclusion in this product is to assist the regulation of muscular contraction and force during training. L-Taurine has the ability to increase the production of muscular force and to reduce muscular fatigue brought on by heightened training intensity, as a result of improved heart and cell volume. This helps draw additional water in the muscles, which also contributes to the subsequent appearance of muscle fullness. Other benefits of L-Taurine include accelerating muscle recovery time, reducing muscle soreness, and delivering additional water to muscle cells.

The third inclusion in Full as F*ck is not surprisingly Agmatine Sulfate, a widely used compound derived from the amino acid Arginine. It is known as a "pump sustainer" as it inhibits the release of the enzyme which breaks down nitric oxide in the bloodstream, and can therefore assist in delivering greater, longer-lasting muscle pumps. L-Norvaline, a derivative of the Essential Amino Acid L-Valine, has also been included in a 250mg dosage. L-Norvaline also acts as a pump sustainer by inhibiting the enzyme Arginase, which breaks down Arginine in the bloodstream. The consequential increase in blood flow will allow more nutrients and oxygen to be delivered to working muscles, maximising muscle potential. Additionally, some studies have shown L-Norvaline to improve neurotransmission and concentration.

Glycerol Monostearate (GMS) features next in a 1 gram dose. It is confusing why 5% Nutrition has chosen this form of Glycerol rather than the highly popular HydroMaxTM Glycerol, as Glycerol Monostearate yields between 5 – 15% Glycerol, whereas HydroMaxTM Glycerol yields 65% Glycerol. The more glycerol present, the more water will be drawn inside muscle cells to enhance their volume. The more hydrated muscle cells are, the fuller they appear and the better exercise endurance will be. It must therefore be noted that the Glycerol component of Full as F*ck is rather underdosed.

The next ingredient of interest is Dan-Shen Extract, popularised by Traditional Chinese Medicine for use in promoting heart and blood vessel health due to its efficiency as a vasodilator. Similarly, Beet Root Powder has also been included in a 500mg dosage, which contains a high level of nitrates that can increase human plasma nitrate levels that subsequently act as a precursor in the body to Nitric Oxide. As a result, more energy, nutrients and oxygen can be transported into working muscles, while participants in multiple studies alo experienced improvements in their physical performance and power output. Finally, Hesperidin features in a 100mg dose, known to stimulate Nitric Oxide production in the body and reduce known markers of inflammation.

Taste & Mixability

For those familiar with Rich Piana’s products, you will be aware that Rich doesn’t mess around when it comes to creating delicious tasting products. He recently ventured out when he released the incredibly high-stimulant pre-workout 5150 with the inclusion of more exotic flavours. Fans will be glad to hear that two of these flavours, Wild Berry and Pomegranate, feature again, as well as Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry, which received great reviews in both Rich’s Pre-Workout Kill It and his Amino Acid Formula All Day You May. Rich Piana has also just announced the release of a brand new flavour already: Red Apple, which is a brand new flavour to his product range. Although slightly bitter and quite sour due to the natural taste of some of the highly dosed active ingredients, Full as F*ck is quite pleasant to drink and mixes perfectly with a spoon in a glass. If the flavour is a little too intense for personal preference, simply add more water to dilute the flavour concentration.


As would be assumed from how this product looks on paper, given the sheer breadth and quantity of quality ingredients features in this product, users can be guaranteed that the promise of muscle stretching pumps and blood volume expansion are no over-exaggeration! This supplement goes beyond ingredients and dosages that simply give the appearance of a fuller physique, but ensures internally that muscle cells are provided with the nutrients, oxygen and hydration necessary to maximise hypertrophy, strength and recovery potential. What are you waiting for! Give Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Full as F*ck a try today!



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