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Talk Shit, Get Hit

July 8, 2019 | 0 Comments
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I find it funny when people try to talk shit about me.

Try to hang shit on my company and me as an individual.

Try to talk smack about us and our success as a business while they scratch their heads and attempt to figure out how on earth we are able to thrive in such a saturated, competitive industry when so many other businesses are failing.

I find it funny because my entire journey is documented. I’ve been using social media to document for over 10 years. My travel. My late nights at the office. My late nights at the casa. My early mornings. My meetings. My workouts. My work ethic. My determination. My grit. It’s all here.

Over 7,000 Instagram posts… Over 1,000 YouTube videos… Hours upon hours of podcasts… And as social media platforms have developed I’ve shared more and more of it.

I find it funny because while they’re busy talking smack and scratching their heads I’m busy putting in more work. Travelling further and more often. Working smarter, harder and longer. Managing & developing my team. Pushing further and further outside of my comfort zone each and every day.

I find it funny because it’s all here for the world to see. There are no secrets. There are very few things that I don’t share. And it effectively all comes down to work. Pure, no bullshit, work. Doing more and more and more of what others aren’t willing to do. Increasing my success capacity day in, day out. Squeezing the last drop of juice out of every single fucking day.

I find it funny because those fuckers simply don’t want to put in work. The blueprint is right here, but they’d prefer to sit back with their feet up, their fingers crossed, and hope shit happens rather than going out and making shit happen.

They’d rather take the easy road than the hard road.

They’d rather run their fat fucking mouths than put in work.

I find it funny because I’ve got so much more for you to be pissed about… just be patient fuckers.

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