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The ATP Science Difference

October 25, 2015 | 0 Comments
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Behind the Brand – ATP Science

ATP Science is a health science company. We create unique formulas in supplementation, vitamins, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and sports nutrition products for the fitness, health, anti-ageing and wellbeing industries.

ATP Science has a diverse range of supplements that use traditional medicines and herbals with modern science to create effective solutions to specific health and fitness problems, this range includes:


The ATP Science Point of Difference 

ATP Science was created to enhance Life.  We believe that everyone has the right to access the absolute best products that science can create. At ATP Science we love to discover why ingredients work and how they can be utilised to improve every aspect of life; from performance to beauty to health and vitality. 

We constantly evaluate our science and assumptions and we are not afraid to recognise that the new information may make past ideas sub-optimal or even obsolete. We seek to constantly improve, to give our very best to serve our customers and consumers. Ultimately we understand our success comes first and foremost from helping others to get what they want; results. 

We do not follow the leading and existing industry trends that rely solely on heavy marketing. We do not believe we have any competition. We believe in striving for excellence and utilising exciting new technologies that will supersede the existing nutritional products in the athletic community whilst adding value. We believe in “supertition”, not competition. We have created our own race and challenge other brands to compete with us for quality ingredients, formulas and education; as this will improve the industry as a whole.

ATP Science believes in being agile and in a state of readiness as a means to not only position ourselves in front of the “next big thing” – but to create “the next big thing” – we want to make waves in the industry not simply ride them. The synergistic no-compromise business approach ATP Science practices is in everything we do; from creating our products, researching new ideas, communicating with consumers and customers. 

People before profit!  At ATP we value people, we honour our agreements and we live to serve. We see our formulations as an extension of the core values of the founders. When people choose to work with us, or use our products we will do everything in our power to make that experience a profound success. We are led by science and formulate first and foremost with results in mind. With this in focus we believe we will make the company more profitable because our products are made to work not purely for profit.

In a practical sense we understand that the results we achieve through supplementation are purely dependant on the quality of the products available; including the dose, superiority and synergy of the active ingredients. After years of working in the nutraceutical industry we came to the realisation that many of the products available have inferior ingredients in ineffective doses and no synergy in formulation.

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Where ATP Science began

Founded in 2009 ATP Science is the brainchild of Matthew Legge, Jeff and Toni Doidge. 

ATP Science Head Scientist Matt Legge has more than a decade of creating formulas for well-known companies in the health supplement industry. Matt became frustrated when his formulations were constantly altered to fit in with marketing ideas or reduce manufacturing costs. Seeing a gap in the market, Matt knew if he could work in a company where people and products where placed ahead of profit he could make a real difference. Matt had a simple yet profound idea; base his formulations on science first. 

Jeff and Toni Doidge were the founders of a supplement retail store that opened its doors in 2002. They believe the foundation for success is based on customer service and exceeding the customer’s expectations. With that simple strategy; focusing on the “customer first” ideology, their store at the time became one of Australia’s most successful sports supplement retailers. 

Whilst the supplement industry was growing significantly, Jeff & Toni felt there was a lack of credibility in the industry as a whole. From manufacturing, distribution and advertising Jeff & Toni knew there was an opportunity to serve the industry in a more integral way so they exited the retail world to follow their passion.

Matt, Jeff and Toni met by chance in 2009 and soon after ATP Science was born.

Products – From Concept to Shelf

At ATP Science we create products in a different way to other manufacturers. We focus on making products that work first and making a profit second. That may sound stupid but after working inside the industry for many years where profit is put before performance – making the best version of a product is seldom done. We listen to our customers and understand that to improve health and performance, we need to harness the amazing and powerful tools nature provides with the understanding science has revealed. By doing this we create solutions to these problems and to give you the results you deserve. 

The head formulator of ATP Science Matt Legge, is a Naturopath with 20 years clinical experience and many of the products have come from his clinic and been used for over a decade of clinical use, research and development. New inventions go through a stringent "stage-gate system" that takes the idea from concept to finished product. Encompassed with this new product comes quality assurance, pre-clinical and clinical efficacy trials which are a compulsory step before the product can be released for sale. 

The ATP Science testers or "lab rats" then trial the products. Most classical clinical trials involve specific doses and standard scientific trial methodology as outlined by the scientific community; however the ATP Science "lab rat" trials allow us to trial multiple strategies with dosing, timing, delivery methods, and interactions with other supplements, diet and exercise strategies to ensure athletes and people that do not fit in the "ordinary" category can get "extraordinary" results.

The Future of ATP Science

We will continue to innovate and deliver patent worthy products.  Right now in development we are working on a fat burner with a global patent.  

At ATP Science we just want to continue to do things differently, we want to produce products that people not only need but also don’t know are possible, products that exceed people’s expectations.  

Lastly we want to continue to educate as many people as we can through our podcasts, blogs, articles and social media.



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