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The Top 6 Crossfit METCON Workouts For Bodybuilders

February 15, 2020 | 0 Comments
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Whether you like it or not, CrossFit-style metabolic conditioning training is gaining more and more popularity… and for good reason. 

Full-blown CrossFit competitors, F45 training groups, commercial gym rats and even bodybuilders seeking to improve their athletic capabilities and metabolic capacity all recognise the merit of performing varied functional movements at a relatively high intensity.

The physical needs of physique based athletes as compared to CrossFit athletes only differ by degree not kind; both must be able to perform basic movement patterns such as the squat, deadlift and bench press, but the degree of weight (load) and the reps performed (volume) will differ significantly.

Building aerobic capacity and pushing cardio beyond low-intensity steady state can be of great benefit to all physique based athletes. It can assist with cardiovascular health, help keep insulin sensitivity high, ensure that body fat levels are kept in check, and generally elevate metabolic capacity.

Prepare to meet the “Girls of CrossFit” with these 6 benchmark WODs (Workouts Of Day) that can be performed at any basic gym.

Work hard, don’t give in and enjoy the pain!


Betty is considered to be a ‘couplet’ WOD; combining two elements into a single high-intensity workout.

The combination of overhead pressing and box jumps is extremely complementary to any strength or bodybuilding orientated training program, improving upper body muscular endurance as well as explosive lower body strength.

5 Rounds For Time

  • 12 Push Press @ 61kg (135lb) Males / @ 43kg (95lb) Females
  • 20 Box Jumps @ 60cm (24”) Males / @ 50cm (20”) Females


Lynne is essentially an opposing (antagonist) muscle group superset. Bodybuilders have long understood the effectiveness of performing two exercises in a row without stopping, increasing training intensity in the shortest amount of time possible. Lynne just takes this concept to the next level!

For a seasoned physique athlete a bodyweight bench press for reps should feel like “A Bag of Feathers”, so make sure to bust out plenty of reps before moving onto the bodyweight pull-ups!

5 Rounds For Maximum Number of Reps

  • Bench Press @ Bodyweight
  • Pull-ups @ Bodyweight


An absolute leg killer! Kelly is a great measure of both cardiovascular health and lactic acid threshold. The combination of endurance running, high rep box jumps and wall balls is a true test of fitness.

This nasty little workout is a sure-fire way to burn a lot of calories in a short period of time.

5 Rounds For Time

  • 400m Run
  • 30 Box Jumps @ 60cm (24”)
  • 30 Wall Balls @ 9kg (20lb)


This workout is all about building mental toughness. The total score is how many pull-ups are completed over the 20 minute workout period with the 400m run acting as a “buy-in” for each new round.

To post an acceptable score you need to treat every set of pull-ups as if it is your last; keep a steady pace on the run and string a massive set of pull-ups together each time.

As Many Rounds as Possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes

  • 400m Run
  • Max Reps Pull-Ups

* Score is total number of pull-ups performed in 20 minutes.


The ultimate bodyweight workout. Requiring no equipment, ‘Barbara’ is the perfect workout for those who travel often and have limited time or access to a commercial gym.

Each round should be performed as quickly as possible, resting 3 minutes between rounds.

5 Rounds For Time

  • 20 Pull-ups
  • 30 Push-ups
  • 40 Sit-ups
  • 50 Bodyweight Squats

*3 min rest between each of 5 rounds


Jackie is an absolute classic benchmark workout; simplistic in design but brutal by nature!

The key is to stay consistent on the row at around 90% of your maximum capacity then bring it home with the thrusters and pull-ups. Talk about some heavy breathing!

For Time

  • 1000m Row
  • 50 Thrusters @ 20kg (45lb)
  • 30 Pull-Ups
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