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Want to know the secret?

August 28, 2019 | 0 Comments
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Want to know the secret?

Want to know what you need to take every aspect of your life to the next level? What you need to level up?

Want to know what you need to progress in your career? Or what you need to grow your business?

Want to know what you need to attract and keep the partner of your dreams? Or what you need to walk away from a partner who isn’t?

Want to know what you need to earn the respect of others? Or what you need to prevent people from walking all over you?

You need confidence.
A whole lot of confidence.

So how do you build confidence?
You keep the promises you make to yourself.

You do things that are outside of your comfort zone consistently.

You become comfortable with failing at things because you know that failure is when you truly learn & grow.

You keep an affirmation journal each & every day.

You build habits & routines that support your goals, not detract from them.

You exert discipline by doing what you know you need to do even when you don’t feel like doing it.

You say no to things and people that are pulling you away from what you truly want.

You stand up for yourself & what you believe in, you have faith in your own abilities & beliefs, and you back yourself when no one else will.

You understand that only good things happen for you and your reaction is the most important aspect of whatever life throws your way.

That’s how you build confidence.

But how do make sure your confidence doesn’t overflow into arrogance or ego? How do you make sure you don’t become so caught up in the pursuit of your own confidence that you become delusional and pretentious? How do you prevent yourself from defaulting to “self-made” because nobody around you actually wants to help, or even see, you succeed?

You balance your ever-growing confidence with perspective & humility.

49% Confidence.

51% Humility.

Build enough confidence to know that you can take on the world, but be humble enough to know that you are just 1 of 7,700,000,000 people trying to do the same.

It’s a fine, fine line and a tricky balancing act, but if you can get the mix just right you’re well on your way to achieving whatever you desire.

So get to work!

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