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When Is The Best Time To Take Creatine?

January 13, 2023 | 0 Comments
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Creatine is a popular supplement used by athletes and bodybuilders to increase muscle strength and size. While creatine can be taken at any time of day, there is some debate about the best time to take it for optimal results.

One popular theory is that creatine should be taken before a workout. This is because creatine is stored in the muscles and is used for energy during high-intensity exercise. Taking creatine before a workout may help to increase the muscles’ energy stores, leading to improved performance. We believe this is a common misconception due to the occurrence of creatine in many pre-workout supplements.

Another theory is that the best time to take creatine should be taken post-workout, in combination with a simple source of carbohydrates. When taken post-workout, creatine can be more effectively absorbed by the body and used as a precursor to ATP, the primary energy source for muscle contractions. This is due to the insulin response triggered by the carbohydrates, which helps drive the creatine into the cells where it can be absorbed more effectively by the body. A study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2012 found that consuming creatine post-workout with a simple carbohydrate source led to a greater increase in muscle creatine levels compared to consuming creatine at other times of the day.

A third theory is that creatine should be taken with a meal that contains carbohydrates such as your first meal of the day. We believe that this is the best option for non training days as it can help to promote consistency. The addition of carbohydrates can help to increase insulin levels, which in turn can help to transport creatine into the muscles similar to the theory above.

A final theory is that creatine should be taken at night. This is because the body is in a state of repair and recovery during sleep, and taking creatine at night may help to promote muscle growth and recovery.

Ultimately, the best time to take creatine will depend on your schedule and your ability to be consistent with your supplementation. If you are looking to improve your workout performance, taking creatine with a source of simple carbohydrates, post workout on training days and with your first meal on non-training days may be the best option. If you find you are not consistent and forget to take your creatine at those times, taking creatine at the same time every day with a meal that contains a simple source of carbohydrates may be the best option. It is important to note that hydration is an important factor to consider when supplementing with creatine. Adequate hydration is necessary for proper absorption and utilisation of creatine in the body. Studies have shown that creatine monohydrate is more effective when taken with a sufficient amount of water. Furthermore, it has been reported that dehydration can lead to reduced muscle creatine stores, which can affect exercise performance.

In conclusion, the best time to take creatine may vary and depend on your schedule and ability to remain consistent with your supplementation. However, we believe that creatine should be consumed with a source of simple carbohydrates to best enhance absorption.

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