Aaron Curtis Natural Amateur Bodybuilder Interview

Aaron Curtis Natural Amateur Bodybuilder Interview
  • Age:

  • Height:

  • Chosen Sport:

  • Years Training:

  • Off-Season Weight:

  • Competition Weight:

  • Competition Records:

    2008 INBA Novice Mr Australia 1st Place

    2010 ANB Mr Victoria Overall Champion

    2012 NABBA Mr Victoria Class 2 1st Place

    2012 IFBB Mr Victoria Under 90kg 1st Place

    2013 IFBB FitX Male Physique Last Place

  • Training Information:

    How much time do you spend training per day?

    60min - 90min

    What is your current training split?

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    Back Shoulders & Calves Rest Arms Legs Chest & Abs Rest

    What are your maximum bench press, squat and deadlift weights?

    All with no belt, straps or wraps:

    Bench = 140kg x 6

    Squat = 150kg x 8

    Deadlift = 180kg x 10

    What type of cardio do you find most effective when trying to lose bodyfat?

    Speed/brisk walk - LISS cardio.

    What are your 3 favourite exercises and why?

    Bench, squat, deadlift. I enjoy the exercises where you get to use the most weight.

    What are your 3 least favourite exercises and why?

    Concentration curls, pec-dec, machine curls. They are just exercises I feel are less effective than many other options.

    How many hours do you sleep each night?

    2 x 4 hour blocks, so 8 hours all up.

    Are there any unique training tips you use that you would like to share with us?

    Progressively overload, use full range of motion and keep constant tension on the working muscle.

  • Dieting/Supplementation Information:

    Do you bulk and cut? Or stay lean all year round?

    BULK and then reluctantly cut.

    What does your typical meal plan look like?

    This is diet I followed for the 2012 competitive season:

    0530 – Breakfast: Chicken breast, brown rice, chili, salt, pepper.

    0930 – Pre Bed: Salmon, lettuce, celery, tomato, mushroom, nuts, seeds.


    1430 – Pre Workout: Kangaroo, brown rice, chili, salt, pepper.

    1700 – *Pre Workout Shake: WPI, BCAA’s, creatine.

    1710 – *Intra Workout Shake: BCAA

    1830 – *Post Workout Shake: WPI, BCAA, creatine, dextrose.

    1850 – Post Workout Meal: Kangaroo, potatoes, chilli, salt, pepper.

    2200 – Dinner: Chicken/beef with steamed green vegetables or salad.

    0030 – Pre Bed: Eggs, salmon, salt, pepper.

    When you diet, do you cut carbs completely out of your diet? Or do you taper them down?

    Taper them down. No keto.

    Tell us about your most challenging experience while dieting and how did you overcome it?

    Constantly wanting to devour whole bakeries.

    What is your favourite clean meal?

    My off-season breakfast; rice, yogurt  cottage cheese, berries, banana, honey and cinnamon.

    What is your favourite cheat meal?

    Thai beef satay with vegetables and coconut rice!

    What are your 3 favourite supplements and why?

    WPI, creatine and dextrose. I feel that they aid my performance/recovery.

  • Personal Information:

    What led you to your chosen sport?

    Injuries from track and field/Australian rules football.

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    In the gym, just tryna get massive.

    Who are your role models and why?

    The successful people of the world.

    What are the 3 words that best describe you?

    Routine. Honest. Consistent.

    How do you manage the balance in your life and find time for everything?

    Eat, work, train, sleep… What else is there?

    Do you have a quote that you live by?

    Do the things that bring you joy.

    What is your favourite sport outside of your chosen sport and why?

    Australian rules football. I used to play footy and miss the physicality of it immensely.

    Is there anything else you would like to leave us with?

    Too big for last words.

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