Ashley Veitch (Ashlean) Aesthetic Fitness Model Interview

  • Age:

  • Height:

  • Chosen Sport:

  • Years Training:

  • Off-Season Weight:

    89 kgs
  • Competition Weight:

    74 kgs
  • Training Information:

    How much time do you spend training per day?

    Bulking: I spend 60-90 minutes per day training

    Cutting: I spend 60-90 minutes per day training + 30-45 minutes doing cardio

    What is your current training split?

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    Chest/Biceps Legs Shoulders/Calves Abs Back/Triceps Rest Rest

    What are your maximum bench press, squat and deadlift weights?

    Bench: 130kg x 5 reps
    Squat: 150kg x 6 reps
    Deadlift: 180kg x 5 reps

    What type of cardio do you find most effective when trying to lose bodyfat?

    Cardio in the morning before breakfast and straight after a weights session are definitely the most effective for losing body fat in my opinion.

    What are your 3 favourite exercises and why?

    My 3 favourite exercises would have to be:

    1. Tricep pushdown with rope behind the back

    2. Pec-dec/pec-fly machine for chest

    3. External rotation with cable for shoulders

    I get the best pump from these exercises and I really feel them working the muscle.

    What are your 3 least favourite exercises and why?

    I only really have 2 least favourite exercises; deadlifts and shoulder press, just because I'm not very strong with either of them.

    How many hours do you sleep each night?

    I usually get 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

    Are there any unique training tips you use that you would like to share with us?

    I don't have and unique training tips, everything I do is pretty basic.

  • Dieting/Supplementation Information:

    Do you bulk and cut? Or stay lean all year round?

    I'd love to stay lean all year round but I love my food too much, especially sweets, so I usually bulk then cut.

    What does your typical meal plan look like?

    My typical meal plan looks like this:

    Breakfast - 1 cup of egg whites and 1 cup of oats.

    Then 5 meals with either chicken, tuna or steak with either sweet potato or basmati rice and broccoli. I do also tend to snack on peanut butter pretty much when ever I feel like it, in moderation of course!

    When you diet, do you cut carbs completely out of your diet? Or do you taper them down?

    The first couple of times I dieted, I dropped my carbs down straight away, but I felt I lost too much muscle by doing this so I now slowly taper them down.

    Tell us about your most challenging experience while dieting and how did you overcome it?

    My most challenging experience would have to be what I am going through right now. I work in the mines in WA and the gym and the food aren't the best. I have to improvise at the gym and try talk nicely to the chefs so they cook me what I want!

    What is your favourite clean meal?

    My favourite clean meal is chicken and sweet potato.

    What is your favourite cheat meal?

    My favourite cheat meal is chicken enchiladas with lots of cheese! And I find it hard saying no to ice cream, it's a big weakness of mine!

    What are your 3 favourite supplements and why?

    MusclePharm Assault - I find that this gives me great energy and focus while training and doesn't give me that anxious feeling that other pre-workouts give me. 

    All American EFX Karbolyn - This tastes great and helps me from hitting a wall during training.

    Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein - I find this beneficial before bed for slow protein absorption and I love the taste.

  • Personal Information:

    What led you to your chosen sport?

    I got into bodybuilding after some mates and I decided to get a gym membership and it kind of just went from there.

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    In 5 years I see myself working back home in Adelaide with lots of money and hopefully a competition win under my belt!

    Who are your role models and why?

    David Beckham has been my role model for as long as I can remember. He has achieved so much in life. He has had very high points in life but also some very low points in his life and has overcome them and stayed strong. He has done so much for his sport and is respected by so many people.

    I doubt he knows this but one of my role models is also Ben Wortley. He has achieved so much already and is still so young. I don't think I've personally met someone so dedicated to what they do. He deserves everything he has achieved so far and to top it off he's a down to earth nice guy. If only I had genetics like him!

    What are the 3 words that best describe you?

    Determined, enthusiastic and dedicated.

    How do you manage the balance in your life and find time for everything?

    I currently work 4 week in the mines in WA, then get 1 week off back in Adelaide. Everything is a rush while I work away. I work, train then sleep. On my week off I have plenty of time for my personal life and of course to train.

    Do you have a quote that you live by?

    Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

    What is your favourite sport outside of your chosen sport and why?

    My favourite sport outside of bodybuilding is soccer. I was brought up with it, I played it most of my life and I just simply love the game.

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