Jake Nikolopoulos

Jake Nikolopoulos
  • Age:

  • Height:

  • Chosen Sport:

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  • Off-Season Weight:

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  • Competition Records:

    • NABBA Mr Teenage Australia 1st Place
    • NABBA Mr Teenage Universe 1st Place
    • NABBA Mr International Class 3 1st Place 
    • NABBA Mr Southern Hemisphere Class 3 1st Place
    • NABBA Mr International Class 3 1st Place
    • NABBA Mr International Overall Champion
    • NABBA Mr Southern Hemisphere Class 3 1st Place
    • NABBA Mr World Class 3 5th Place
    • NABBA Mr Southern Hemisphere Class 3 1st Place
    • NABBA Mr Southern Hemisphere Overall Champion
    • NABBA Mr World Class 3 3rd Place
    • NABBA Mr Southern Hemisphere Class 3 1st Place
    • NABBA Mr World Class 3 1st Place
    • NABBA Professional Qualification
    • NABBA Professional Mr Universe 5th Place
  • Training Information:

     What is your typical workout plan?

    I train with a different split to most bodybuilders - I train on a rotating schedule as outlined below. It means that my split rotates every week so I don't train the same muscle group on the same day each week.

    Monday Chest/Biceps
    Tuesday Back/Triceps
    Wednesday Legs
    Thursday Shoulders
    Friday Repeat Split
    Saturday Rest
    Sunday Rest

    How long do you spend training per day?

    Weight Training: Typically I train for 60-90 minutes with weights per day in a single session.

    Off-Season Cardio: Two 30 minute low intensity steady state sessions per week.

    Pre-Contest Cardio: Two 45 minute low intensity steady state sessions per day.

    Outline your general training style/philosophy?

    Generally my training is within the 8-10 rep range for all muscle groups. For each exercise I gradually increase the weight each set until I reach a weight that has me failing between 8-10 reps, then I'll do 4-5 working sets at this weight.

    My coach Neil Hill's Y3T Training also get utilised a lot during my workouts. Y3T is a three week system that has the rep range changing from week-to-week over the three week period.

    In the first week I'll do 6-12 reps, the second week will be 14-18 reps and the third week anywhere from 18-50 reps. Using different rep ranges is a great way to target different types of muscle fibres.

    What is your biggest physical weakness and how have you overcome it?

    My calves and hamstrings are my biggest physical weaknesses. I’ve always been told by people in the sport that I would never develop good calves and hamstrings because I wasn't born with the right genetics to develop them.

    I love hearing that, because it pushes me to train my calves and hamstrings even harder, and prove these people wrong. My hamstrings and calves have improved and keep improving.

    What are your typical bench press, squat and deadlift weights?

    I'm not a powerlifter and I don't ego lift. When training I prefer to isolate the target muscle group without using any momentum that could potentially take the stress and load off the working muscle group.

    I always try to control the eccentric (lowering) phase of my lifts just as much as the concentric (lifting) phase. This ensures that I target as many of the muscle fibres within the target muscle as possible.

    Bench 140kg x 12 reps
    Squat 180kg x 12 reps
    Deadlift 180kg x 12 reps

    What is your favourite sport outside of bodybuilding and why?

    UFC (mixed martial arts). Like bodybuilding, mixed martial arts is a one man sport - everything is on you and it requires a great amount of dedication and discipline.

  • Dieting/Supplementation Information:

    What is your typical meal plan?

    Meal 1 Steak with gluten free bread, avocado & yoghurt
    meal 2 Chicken with quinoa, macadamia nuts & vegetables
    Meal 3

    Salmon with quinoa, avocado & vegetables

    Meal 4 Chicken with quinoa, macadamia nuts & vegetables
    Meal 5 Steak with rice, avocado & vegetables
    Meal 6 Chicken with quinoa, macadamia nuts & vegetables

    What is your typical supplementation plan?

    I tend to keep things pretty simple when it comes to supplements. I use the following products year round:


    Between Meals:





    What is the most important supplement/supplement stack for your chosen sport and why?

    Fish oil and other healthy fat oils. These help keep my joints well lubricated.

    What is your favourite supplement/supplement stack and why?

    BSN Syntha-6 Edge: It is low fat, low carbohydrate and has a macro friendly caloric content but a high amount of protein, which makes this my "go-to" supplement when I'm in the cutting phase of my diet. It also tastes amazing and curbs any sweet cravings I might have from being on a contest diet.

    What do you believe will be the “Next Big Thing” in supplementation?

    The way the supplement industry keeps advancing who knows what’s next! Maybe they will bring out a stick-on patch that releases supplements into your body. What the?!

  • Personal Information:

    What are your future aspirations in your chosen sport?

    I’ve always strived to be the best in anything that I’ve attempted. Bodybuilding is no exception.

    When I was 18 I was a skinny kid with not a whole lot more than a dream of one day becoming a successful professional bodybuilder. This is something that I have put my heart and soul into. I never thought I’d make it this far so anything from here on is a bonus but I’d be lying if I said I didn't want to become one of the best.

    I haven't worked this hard and made all the sacrifices over the years to back out now. I’ll go as far as my genetics will take me.

    Who are your role models and why?

    I’ve been asked this question in many interviews and my answer here is no different. My Mum and Dad are the hardest workers I know. I was pretty much born into the family business with my parents bringing me into their sheet-metal factory every day. I’ve seen the struggles they’ve gone through and the strength they’ve needed to overcome to make their business one of the most successful sheet metal businesses in Melbourne.

    The work ethic responsible for my positive progression in bodybuilding is a product of watching my parents run their business.

    IFBB 212 Mr Olympia Flex Lewis, my coach Neil Hill and MassiveJoes Owner Joseph Mencel are all important role models to me too. Put the trophies, achievements and businesses aside, Flex, Neil and Joe are the most normal down to earth guy’s I’ve met in the industry. I like to have real people in my corner and I believe I have achieved that. I can only hope that their work ethics can rub off on me. 

    You’re are a product of your environment. Surround yourself with the best.

    What is your favourite cheat meal?

    Cheese cake, mint chocolate, ice cream, cannoli. Drooling... now I better stop LOL!

    What are your Top 3 workout songs?

    I listen to all types of music when I train. I prefer rap or old school rock like AC/DC.

    What keeps you motivated?

    I have never needed external motivation. I think if you love what you do it shouldn’t take any real effort to do it. I love training; I love competing, so for me my motivation comes from living my dream. I have never understood why people do jobs that they hate. We choose our own happiness. Once you find what it is that makes you happy, you won't need any motivation at all to do it.

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