Max Philisaire Elite Celebrity Trainer Interview

Max Philisaire Elite Celebrity Trainer Interview
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  • Chosen Sport:

  • Years Training:

  • Training Information:

    How Much Time Do You Spend Training Per Day?

    60 - 90 minutes

    What Is Your Current Training Split?

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Weekend
    Shoulders Arms Chest Back Legs Rest
    Machine Shoulder Press 3 x 10
    Dumbbell Press

    4 x 10

    Smith Machine Press

    4 x 10

    Upright Row

    4 x 10

    Bent Over Lateral Raise

    4 x 10

    Front Raise 4 x 10
    Lateral Raise  4 x 10
    Barbell Curl

    4 x 10

    Machine Preacher Curl

    4 x 10

    Dumbbell Curl

    4 x 10

    Cable Rope Hammer Curl

    4 x 10

    Cable Rope Push Down

    4 x 10

    Seated Dumbbell Overhead Ext

    4 x 10

    Cable Bar Push Down 

    4 x 10


    Push Ups

    1 x 30
    Barbell Bench Press

    4 x 10

    Incline Dumbbell Press

    4 x 10

    Low Cable Cross Over 4 x 10
    Incline Dumbbell Fly 4 x 10
    Machine Wide Press

    4 x 10


    4 x 10

    Deadlifts 4 x 10
    Lat Pull Down 4 x 10
    Dumbbell Row

    4 x 10

    Seated Cable Row

    4 x 10

    T-Bar Row 

    4 x 10
    Wide Lat Pull Down 4 x 10
    Leg Extension 6 x 10
    Leg Press 4 x 10
    Squats 4 x 10
    Hack Squats 

    4 x 10

    Standing Calf Raise 

    4 x 10

    Seated Calf Raise

    4 x 10

    You Have Built One of The Most Aesthetic Physiques Ever Seen... Did You Have to Work Hard At It, Or Were ou Always Aesthetic Genetically?

    Thanks for your kind words. I was always lean and just tried to stay lean with added muscle mass. I don't know anything else but hard work and couldn't tell you the difference between easy or hard.  Hard is in my blood.

    Do You Believe In Training Weak Muscle Groups More Than Once Per Week? Why or Why Not?

    Yes I do. It's common sense to me. Those areas such as my shoulders that are over powered by my dominant chest, or calves that are dominated by my quads. To achieve balance I invest more time in the weak areas. The body isn't efficient without all its components. It is as strong as its weakest link.

    What Are You Maximum Bench, Deadlift and Squat Weights?

    Wouldn't know. I don't max out. It serves me no purpose. My back and shoulders and biceps are strong from years of lifting and muscle memory not from maxing out. My elbows and knees now bare the consequences of lifting too heavy in the past.

    What Type of Cardio Do You Find Most Effective When Trying To Lose Body Fat?

    I have my clients do HIIT sprints combined with long running. I play basketball and do sprints to strengthen my cardiovascular system and add size to my quads.

    How Many Hours Do You Sleep Each Night?

    At least 8 hours per night.

    Are There Any Unique Training Tips You Use That You Would Like To Share With Us?

    Let's just say I don't kid and play when it comes to form, focus and consistency.

  • Dieting/Supplementation Information:

    How Do You Stay In Such Good Shape All Year?

    I just do it. Feelings, emotions and options stay in their lane as I work towards a goal. The body adapts to the goal and embraces it as a norm. It's easier to maintain my body then to add body fat and drop body fat year round.

    What Does Your Typical Meal Plan Look Like?

    Meal 1: Weight Gaining Shake

    Meal 2: 10 Egg Whites and a Bowl of Oatmeal

    Meal 3: Weight Gaining Shake

    Meal 4: Pasta and Meat Sauce

    Meal 5: Weight Gaining Shake

    Meal 6: Chicken/Turkey Sandwich

    Meal 7: Weight Gaining Shake

    Meal 8: Chicken Breast and Pasta/Vegetables

    Meal 9: Fruits and Nuts

    Tell Us About Your Most Challenging Experience While Dieting And How Did You Overcome It?

    I have a small appetite. I eat as much as I can and stop before I gag. I have weight gaining shake to help with extra macros.

    What Is Your Favourite Clean Meal?

    Tilapia, brown rice and broccoli.

    What Is Your Favourite Cheat Meal?

    Beef burger and sweet potato fries.

    What Are Your 3 Favourite Supplements And Why?

    EHPlabs Buzz: helps go past my energy and activity level. I'm more dangerous in the gym.

    EHPlabs OxyShred: for fat loss and energy.

    EHPlabs Beyond BCAA: during my workouts to limit muscle breakdown while I destroy the weights.

  • Personal Information:

    What Led You To your Chosen Sport?

    I was slim, light, and wanted to add muscle and weight. People liked the results I achieved and motivated me to take it to Hollywood.

    Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

    Travelling the world since I love to travel. Watching one of my written and produced films at home or on the big screen somewhere. Raising kids and getting them shredded.

    Who Are Your Role Models and Why?

    Arnold. He made fitness and bodybuilding fun and relatable to the masses.

    What Are The 3 Words That Best Describe You?

    Obedience (to God). Loving. Disciplined.

    Do You Have A Quote That You Live By?

    Put on the full armor of God (physically and spiritually).

    What Is Your Favourite Sport Outside of Your Chosen Sport and Why?

    Basketball. Bodybuilding chose me, I didn't choose it.  I chose Basketball because it's fun. I appeal to the art form and movements involved with lifting.

    Is There Anything You Would Like to Leave Us With?

    We as man have dominion over the earth. Make fitness submit to your lifestyle, not the other way around.

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