Scott Lampshire

Scott Lampshire
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  • Off-Season Weight:

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  • Competition Records:


    • Australia Day SA Sprint Series (25 - 29 Age Group) - 1st Place
    • SA Sprint Series (25 - 29 Age Group) - Overall Champion
    • IRONMAN Australia Competitor (12 hours, 1 minute, 39 seconds)
    • IRONMAN Laguna Phuket 70.3 6th Place
  • Training Information:

    Typical workout plan

    I train 6 days a week and try and get 12 sessions in during the week (2 workouts per day on average).


    I train 6 days a week and try and get 6 sessions in during the week (1 workout per day on average) as follows:

    • 2 rides
    • 2 runs
    • 2 swims

    My focus is on building strength in the gym - in particular my legs and core strength.


    I train 6 days a week and try and get 12 sessions in during the week (2 workouts per day on average) as follows:

    • 4 rides
    • 4 runs
    • 4-5 swims

    It's all about the km’s at this stage of training - no weight training and no strength work. I also start focusing on my race plan and make sure I've ticked all my boxes in preparation for the race.

    How long spent training per day


    Probably only a hour a day 5 days a week, kept really light.


    Up to 6 hours a day 6 days a week. Time to feel the pain.

    Biggest physical weakness and how to overcome it?

    My biggest weakness was my bike riding. I’ve spent the last four years trying to turn this into the strongest part of my racing. I’ve done this buy concentrating on my overall leg strength. I worked with my coach, put together an awesome weights program and did a lot of big gear hills riding.

    My height is my other biggest weakness. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can really do about that - it gives me an advantage on the bike and a disadvantage on the run. I just deal with it.

    Favourite sport outside of chosen sport and why?

    Basketball. Past passion.

  • Dieting/Supplementation Information:

    Typical meal plan

    My meal plan is generally pretty normal - 5 meals per day, everyday, plus my supplements of course! I just eat healthy with a couple of rewards in there (chocolate) every now and again. I keep my food intake pretty balanced; I eat lots of pasta, rice, chicken, veg and fruit. Three days out from a race I'll double my carb intake and drop my training so I start to store some energy in the form or glycogen for the race (carb-loading).

    Typical supplementation plan


    Most important supplement/supplement stack for chosen sport and why?

    I would say it's my O.N. Platinum Hydro Whey and O.N. 100% Casein. The quicker I can recover the sooner I can train again. 

    Favourite supplement/supplement stack and why?

    BSN AminoX. All the different flavours keep you wanting more!

    What you believe will be the “Next Big Thing” in supplementation?

    Who Knows?

  • Personal Information:

    What are your future aspirations in your chosen sport?

    I have a 5 year goal to qualify for and compete in the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona Hawai

    Who are your role models and why?

    • Craig Alexander (3 time IRONMAN world champ)
    • Chris Maccormack (2 time IRONMAN world champ)

    Their drive to be the best and to see how far and fast the human body can go is amazing. There isn’t a race on the planet that these two guys haven’t won.

    What is your favourite cheat meal?

    Oh pizza... GET IN MY BELLY!

    What are your Top 3 workout songs?

    I don’t listen to music when I train. I like to train the mind as well as the body.

    What keeps you motivated?

    The desire to be the best I can be and to see how far I can go in the sport I love.

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