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If you’re serious about increasing your performance, you’re going to need a serious performance supplement stack to help you get there. And we’ve got the PERFECT supplement stack to help you perform at your peak! It’s time to take your performance up to the next level! Let’s go!

Here’s what we have for you…
Carbohydrates – The Ultimate Fuel For Training
Creatine – Muscular Power and Strength
Laxogenin – Muscular Strength & Performance
Stim-Free Performance – All Performance, No Stimulants
Amino Acids – Support Energy During Training
Protein – Enhance Recovery & Build Muscle


  • Creation Supplements ClusterPure 28 Serves Tub

Creation Supplements ClusterPure

ClusterPure is 100% pure pharmaceutical grade Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin as registered trademarked Cluster DextrinTM. Cluster DextrinTM is a highly soluble carbohydrate with high molecular weight and low osmotic pressure. ClusterPure will therefore pass through the body incredibly fast while having a slow release into the bloodstream, preventing a spike in insulin.

When ingesting carbohydrates, those carbohydrates are sent into the bloodstream and cause a rise in blood sugar. If you have a significant rise in blood sugar in a short period of time, your body will secrete insulin to bring blood sugar levels back down. Insulin will then drive everything in your bloodstream into muscle cells, making insulin the most anabolic hormone in the human body. However, when insulin increases, cortisol is buffered which prevents the body from using fat as a fuel source.

We recommend taking 0.5g-1g per kg of body weight during your performance or workout.


  • Red Dragon Nutritionals Essentials Creatine

Red Dragon Creatine

Creatine increases the synthesis of a compound called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is your body’s primary source of energy for the phosphate energy system; the energy system which your body uses to power short, sharp muscle contractions and other anaerobic exercises.

Creatine allows your muscles to contract with more power for an increased number of repetitions, increasing your anaerobic exercise capacity. Creatine, therefore, allows you to train harder, for longer, and stimulate more muscle growth, resulting in an increase in muscle strength and size.

We recommend taking 5 grams per day everyday with food.


  • Creation Supplements LaxoPure 60 grams

Creation Supplements LaxoPure

5a-Hydroxy-Laxogenin is a naturally occurring plant hormone belonging to a class of plant hormones called brassinosteroids. These plant hormones have a similar structure to animal steroid hormones and work to boost plant growth. 5a-Hydroxy-Laxogenin has supposedly been shown to increase protein synthesis by 200% and increase nitrogen retention in the body.

Both being two of the most vital key factors in encouraging muscular growth, repair and increases in strength, without interfering at a hormonal level.

We recommend taking 1mg per kg of bodyweight everyday.

Stim-Free Performance

  • Primabolics Grind 40 Serves Mango

Primabolics Grind

Everything you’ve ever wanted in a stim free pre-workout all wrapped up in one incredible product!

Primabolics Grind delivers muscle pumps, muscle power, muscular endurance and mental focus without any stimulants whatsoever, making it perfect for late night workouts, or for stacking with a stimulant based pre- workout supplement.

And just wait until you try the flavours… hot tip, the exclusive MassiveJoes Red Frog flavour is on another level!

We recommend taking 1-2 Scoops 20 minutes before your workout.

Amino Acids

  • Hosstile Silo[9]

Hosstile Silo 9

Hosstile Silo[9] contains all nine essential amino acids (EAAs) to improve recovery, combat muscle breakdown, enhance muscle protein synthesis and support energy production.

With 8 full grams of EAAs, including 6 grams of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) in the scientifically proven 2:1:1 ratio, Silo[9] delivers an efficacious dose of amino acids to assist muscle recovery, prevent muscle tissue breakdown and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Silo[9] also contains coconut fruit water powder as CovicoTM, paired with key electrolytes sodium, magnesium and potassium to drive hydration, increase workout performance and replace electrolytes lost in training.

We recommend taking 1 Scoop throughout the day or during your workout every day.


  • Primabolics Whey Ripped

Primabolics Whey Ripped

Primabolics Whey Ripped is a delicious high protein, low fat, low carbohydrate whey protein powder that includes Ashwagandha, which has been proven to reduce cortisol levels and assist recovery.

In addition, Whey Ripped also contains chromium to stabilise blood sugar levels, digestive enzymes to improve nutrient absorption and digestibility, and a multi-vitamin complex to aid in the replenishment of micronutrients.

And the flavours… WOW! From the Caramilk inspired Caramel White Chocolate, to the Biscoff inspired Spiced Caramel Cookie, every flavour in the range is sure to delight your tastebuds! Not to mention they are all naturally sweetened with Stevia.

We recommend taking 1 Scoop after your workout or whenever you need a high protein food option.

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