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Price Beat Guarantee

We are pleased to present our Price Beat Guarantee for Australian customers!

Simply provide evidence of a cheaper advertised price for any identical product and once verified we will beat the price by 10% both online & in-store.

Price Beat Guarantee

In Store Price Beat

Simply visit any MassiveJoes Retail Store with evidence of a cheaper advertised price for the product you wish to purchase. Our staff will review your evidence on the spot and, if verified, will happily beat the price for you by 10% immediately on the spot.

Online Price Matching

Simply submit a price beat request by clicking the “Price Beat” button on the product page of the product you wish to purchase and complete the online form to provide evidence of a cheaper advertised price for the identical product.

Your evidence will be reviewed within 1 business day and if verified we will happily beat the price by 10% by providing you with a discount voucher that can be used upon checkout online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the criteria for verification of my evidence of a cheaper price?

It’s really quite simple. The cheaper price needs to be an everyday advertised price (not a special or a sale price), it needs to be from a reputable retailer (not your mate selling supps that “fell off the back of a truck” or an eBay store), and it needs to be for a product that is in stock and has at least 6 months left on its best before date. The cheaper price also needs to be $1 or more cheaper than our advertised price (play fair – don’t go searching the internet for a price 5 cents cheaper than ours to save yourself 10%).

2. Do you beat prices from international supplement stores?

No. Our Price Beat Guarantee applies to supplement retailers in Australia. This also excludes websites such as eBay, Amazon, Catch, AminoZ and iherb

3. Do you beat prices in store? Or just online?

Both! Our Price Beat Guarantee applies both in store and online.

4. What is considered sufficient evidence of a lower advertised price?

Either a link to a live website page showing the lower advertised price or a printed in-date retailer catalogue showing the lower advertised price.

5. I’ve submitted my price beat request online – how long do I need to wait for a response?

1 business day. We review all price beat requests first thing every morning of every business day.

6. If my online price beat request is verified, is the discount code only valid for one use?

Yes. All discount codes are single use only.

7. Can I submit more than 1 price beat request per online order?

No. You can only submit 1 price beat request per online order.

8. Is there a limit to how many units of a price beaten product I can buy?

No. There are no limits and you can buy as many units as you like.

9. Does your Price Beat Guarantee apply to customers outside of Australia?

No. At this time our Price Beat Guarantee is for Australian customers only.

10. Does your Price Beat Guarantee apply to products on special or part of a sale?

No. Our Price Beat Guarantee only applies to everyday advertised prices, excluding specials or sales.

11. Does your Price Beat Guarantee apply to shipping costs?

No. We will only price beat on the value of the product. We do not match pricing for shipping.

12. Are any products excluded from your Price Beat Guarantee?

Yes. Our Price Beat Guarantee does not apply to all Axe & Sledge, Optimum Nutrition products, Dymatize ISO100, Dymatize Super Mass Gainer, EHPlabs Oxyshred & EHPLabs Oxyshred Hardcore.

13. Why would I shop anywhere other than MassiveJoes?

You wouldn’t. With international express shipping, a massive range of products, a multitude of payment methods including Buy Now, Pay Later, a free loyalty program, and a price beat guarantee, there is absolutely no reason to shop for your supplements anywhere else on the planet! What are you waiting for? Start shopping now!

Got a question about our Price Match Guarantee that you can’t find an answer for? Contact us now.

Products purchased via a Price Beat Guarantee are strictly subject to no further discounts. MassiveJoes.com reserves the right at its sole discretion to terminate or alter the Price Beat Guarantee at any time without notice. Operation of the Price Beat Guarantee is at the sole discretion of MassiveJoes.com

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