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Magic Mass

If you’re looking to Gain Weight and have no dietary requirements then we recommend Magic Mass. Magic Mass is a Premium High Calorie Protein Powder packed with sources of carbohydrates, MCT’s & Digestive Enzymes to provide your body with the best nutrition for recovery and growth. Magic Mass Contains more than 35+ grams of protein per scoop and comes in 2 delicious flavours.

Combined with a sensible diet and training regime, Magic Mass will help you gain weight.

  • Rule 1 R1 LBS

Rule 1 R1 LBS

If you’re looking to gain weight and have no dietary requirements then we recommend Rule 1 R1 LBS. R1 LBS contains over 1000 calories per serve with a 200 gram complex carbohydrate blend and 40 grams of protein from three different sources of whey. Every serve of R1 LBS also includes added creatine, MCT’s and glutamine to assist with weight gain. R1 LBS is available in 2 easy to drink flavours.

Combined with an appropriate diet and training regime, R1 LBS will help you gain weight.

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