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  • Dymatize ISO100 2.27kg

Dymatize ISO100

If you’re looking to decrease body fat and are gluten and lactose intolerant then we recommend Dymatize ISO100. Containing 100% hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, ISO100 delivers 25 grams of pure protein per scoop while being low in calories. Dymatize ISO100 is super low in carbs & fats, is lactose & gluten free, and available in over 10 delicious flavours.

Combined with a sensible diet and training regime, Dymatize ISO100 will help you lose weight.

  • r1 protein

Rule 1 R1 Isolate

If you’re looking to decrease body fat and are lactose and gluten intolerant then we recommend Rule 1 R1 Isolate. Rule 1 R1 Isolate is a low calorie, super pure whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate blend that contains 25 grams of protein per serve with minimal carbohydrates & fats, and zero lactose. And with more than 7 delicious flavours to choose from, there’s one for every day of the week!

Combined with an appropriate diet and training regime, Rule 1 R1 Isolate will help you lose weight.

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