• 1st Phorm 19 products

    1st Phorm

    Started by Andy Frisella & Chris Klein back in 2009, 1st Phorm is the premier supplement company in the industry. Now we know you hear that from everyone, but at 1st Phorm, they live it. 1st Phorm is not some fly-by-night, gimmicky brand. 1st Phorm is an established industry-leading brand that is fed up with the crap the supplement industry has been pushing on the very people that support the industry; people like you. Their entire philosophy is based on providing the very best products, second to no one in any industry, in any part of the world!
  • 3D Energy 2 products

    3D Energy

  • 5% Nutrition 74 products

    5% Nutrition

    Famous YouTuber, Rich Piana, is the face of this very well known company, 5% Nutrition. 5% Nutrition's mission is to deliver the best possible supplements for the best possible results to help you be the best possible version of yourself. Anyone who knows Rich Piana or follows him on social media knows that he doesn't do anything by halves, he is all or nothing, much like the supplements that he has created. 5% Nutrition use leading-edge ingredients backed by research, combined with the best formulas and manufactured in the most technologically advanced facility. 5% represents the percentage of people in the world who are doing whatever it takes to achieve their goals and dreams, are you a 5%er?
  • Ambrosia 17 products


    The brainchild of Marc Lobliner, Sean Torbati and Mike Rashid, Ambrosia is not just another sports supplement company. Rather than focusing on increasing transient physical performance and short term aesthetics, Ambrosia is concerned with improving health from the inside out. With a range of unique supplements designed to enhance organ & brain function, boost immune system function, and improve overall health & well-being, Ambrosia is pushing the boundaries of conventional sports supplementation. With over 30 years combined industry experience, Marc, Sean & Mike have pooled their knowledge, expertise, and resources to create this exciting new company. Check out the full range of Ambrosia supplements available in Australia at
  • American Metabolix 1 products

    American Metabolix

    American Metabolix describes themselves as the catalyst to achieving the perfect body. With a wide range of products, American Metabolix prides itself on transparency and honesty when producing their products. There's something for everyone, whether you are bulking, cutting or maintaining there's a product just for you.
  • ANS 3 products


    ANS supplements are about creating quality, effective products that will help you succeed in your health and fitness goals. These supplements will deliver skin splitting pumps, vascularity, mental focus and clarity, and strength depending on what you need to help achieve your ultimate goal.
  • Arms Race Nutrition 7 products

    Arms Race Nutrition

    Arms Race Nutrition was created with a single purpose in mind: doing an influencer-driven brand the right way. To them, the right way means combining the high visibility and enormous influence of Julian Smith with the fundamental principles of co-owner, Doug Miller's, existing brands: full transparency labelling, efficacious serving sizes, and ingredients verified to be both safe and effective.
  • ATP Science 99 products

    ATP Science

    ATP Science is a relatively new supplement brand, but their cutting-edge products have been quick to become some of the highest ranked in their relevant categories. Motivated by ensuring consumers have access to accurate, non-biased information, their products reflect years of scientific research which aim to get you the results you desire, through the use of the highest quality ingredients and botanicals. Their products aim to produce long-term, ongoing results as opposed to providing a mere 'band-aid' solution, and serve a variety of purposes from hormonal issues, weight loss, and sports performance.
  • Axe & Sledge 12 products

    Axe & Sledge

    Axe & Sledge have a full range of products that can be used to assist your health and fitness goals. Whether you are an athlete or a fitness enthusiast, there's a product for you. Axe & Sledge use leading-edge technology systems to formulate their supplements as well as some of the highest quality ingredients on the market. If you're looking for something to ramp up your training, Axe & Sledge is perfect for you.
  • Bare Performance Nutrition 5 products

    Bare Performance Nutrition

    Bare Performance Nutrition thrive knowing that they have some of the best quality products hitting the market. BPN know what an athlete needs and with their advanced formulations and technology they are able to provide their customers with a fully disclosed nutritional panel on all of their products.
  • Beast 26 products


    Beast aims to deliver multi-purpose products designed to help you fulfill multiple needs without having to buy multiple products. Their mission is to design the highest quality products that are both innovative and manufactured using the strictest conditions but still kept at an affordable price for consumers. Beast's creatine "Creature" is one of the best selling creatine products on the market and has taken out numerous international awards.
  • Before You Speak 2 products

    Before You Speak

    Before You Speak has reinvented the idea of coffee unlike we’ve ever seen before. Formulated with superfoods to give you a little something extra, improving your health and wellbeing one sip at a time!
  • Blackstone Labs 36 products

    Blackstone Labs

    Blackstone Labs are renowned for creating some of the most hardcore, unique formulas for their extensive product range. Users of Blackstone Labs products' will confidently attest to the potency and effectiveness of their formulas, which range from fat loss and pre workout to hormone management and wellbeing. Their products are therefore used by a diverse range of individuals, and the brand has quickly become one of the most popular among Australian consumers.
  • BPM Labs 4 products

    BPM Labs

  • BSC 36 products


    Body Science (BSC) prides themselves on superior performance and not just aesthetics. With a huge focus on sport performance, BSC aims to provide a range of performance based products and services. These products are suitable for everyday people all the way to elite athletes. BSC have been involved in elite sport since 2002, their partners have included the Sydney Roosters, NSW Waratahs, Sydney Swans and the Australian Rugby League team.
  • BSN 330 products


    Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition, or BSN® for short, is a world renowned and market leading sports nutrition company known for their extensive range of products and competitive pricing. Founded in 2001, BSN® has since become a global leader in the sports nutrition marketplace through relentless dedication to creating dynamic, cutting-edge, and result-producing products. BSN® products and the brand itself have won more than 35 sports nutrition awards over the last years, more than any other company in the industry!
  • Cellucor 116 products


    Cellucor is one of the most popular supplement brands on the market having won numerous international awards for their products. They've set the benchmark with some of key products in the industry. Their most popular product is their pre-workout C4 and they've expanded their range with the new G4 range of products. Their range also includes Amino Acids, Whey Protein and Mass Gainers.
  • Clear Vegan 1 products

    Clear Vegan

    Clear Vegan is a new brand (Sister to EHP labs). 100% vegan with certified organic sweeteners, Clear Vegan is one of the best plant-based brands on the market to date. This brand will ensure all those with specific dietary requirements (such as veganism or vegetarianism) will have the best advantage of achieving their goals without their nutritional needs suffering.
  • Cobra Labs 10 products

    Cobra Labs

    Cobra Labs launched in 2010 with their signature pre-workout product "The Curse". They've also added a fat burned called "The Ripper" to their small but quality range. Cobra Labs are focused on producing only world class supplements and are committed to bringing these into new markets and territories.
  • Core Nutritionals 109 products

    Core Nutritionals

    Fair to say there are no short-cuts with Doug Miller’s own Core Nutritionals supplements. Comprehensive ingredient profiles, guaranteed high quality ingredients and rigorous testing are what makes this supplement company a cut above the rest. Whether you are an elite athlete or recreationally train, there is a product for everyone’s goals. Their famous weight-loss stack that can be used by both men and women, includes their fat burner; Core Burn which comes in delicious raspberry lemonade or mango and Core Iso ultra-lean whey protein which comes in peanut butter toffee or chocolate. Using these together along side good nutrition and training will help you get one step closer to your most optimal self. Core Nutritionals are also famous for their ABC BCAAs, with a wide range of delicious flavours that are sugar free, caffeine free, gluten free, filler free and artificial colouring free it would be a crime not to use them. The versatility of this product means it is great for intra and post workouts too. Unlike other BCAAs that have a proprietary blend of ingredients, Core Nutritionals can pride itself on the quality and quantity of ingredients it uses per serve. Glutamine, leucine and valine are dosed appropriately so that muscular endurance, recovery and the development of lean muscle growth has never been easier.
  • Creation Supplements 54 products

    Creation Supplements

    Creation Supplements is an Australian based company formulated and produced using 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade products. Their high quality range is exclusively stocked at and consists of ingredients designed to maximize training performance and optimize training results.
  • De Novo Nutrition 10 products

    De Novo Nutrition

    De Novo was built upon a burning desire to discover more about life. To create a better tomorrow. To throw out everything they thought they knew about supplements and to start again from scratch. Why? It's simple. The people at De Novo believe that you deserve more from supplement companies. They have worked tirelessly on our products, and are continuing to perfect the little details. After all, the details are what turns a mixture of molecules in a shaker cup into an experience you'll never forget. At the end of the day - creating world-beating supplements is at the core of everything De Novo does.
  • Dream Tan 3 products

    Dream Tan

    Dream Tan is a well-known name within the competitive bodybuilding community, and have been providing competitors with a high quality, easy to use top coat tan to enhance one’s appearance on stage to best bring out vascularity, muscularity and detail.
  • Dymatize 116 products


    Dymatize is a supplement brand with immense experience in developing high quality, proven, award winning products. The company was founded in 1994 and is one of the household names in the supplement industry. Their range varies from Hydrolyzed Whey Isolates, Mass Gainers, Carnitine and are supported by a world class advisory board. Their products are available in across 50+ countries.
  • Dynamik Muscle 21 products

    Dynamik Muscle

    Dynamik Muscle brought their range to the market by Mr Olympia Competitor Kai Greene, with the hopes of turning a vision into a reality. It aims to become part of your journey, your routine, your life. Dynamik Muscle prides itself on being comprised with the highest quality ingredients available, being 100% transparent in the formulas they use. No proprietary blends are needed to hide attempts of cutting corners, and Kai gives his official stamp of approval to every product made by the company. Their product range includes a powerful Pre-Workout Savage Roar, a highly dosed Nitric Oxide Booster Gamma Ray, a fat burner, testosterone booster, protein powders and amino acids.
  • EHPlabs 59 products


    EHPlabs is a revolutionary health and fitness nutritional supplement company dedicated to developing the most effective and efficacious products. The brand first received worldwide recognition and acclamation for its flagship product, OxyShred, proving to become one of the world’s most successful, trusted, effective and delicious nutritional supplements to hit the market. Since then, EHPlabs has implemented its ethos to create only the best and has expanded its family of products to include protein powders, BCAAs and pre workout supplements. Their products come in a variety of delicious, tropical summer flavours which are enjoyed by their loyal customers.
  • Evogen 30 products


    Evogen Nutrition was founded by highly successful Trainers Hany Rambod, producing numerous champions on the Mr Olympia World Stage. With an extensive scientific background, Evogen Nutrition was developed to create some cutting edge supplements, gaining much attention due to their effect on growth, repair and muscle volume. What began as a line of supplements for the exclusive use of elite clientele has now become a well known, sought after brand by both aesthetic and performance based athletes. The ingredients used in these products are highly bioavailable, well studied and of utmost quality, resulting in the creation of a range of products that receive a tick of approval from world class athletes.
  • Finaflex 8 products


    Finaflex is a sports nutrition company that has redefined the definition of nutrition. Their supplements range from: protein, high-stimulant pre-workouts and their new range of KETO products that will help kickstart anyone into Ketogenesis.
  • Force Element Performance 6 products
  • Fulfil 1 products


    Fulfil have created an 'all-rounder' protein par that is vitamin and mineral dense. Fulfil have managed to create a supplement protein bar that not only is effective but tastes great as well. For athletes or fitness enthusiasts alike, these products can take you one step closer to reaching your health and fitness goals.
  • Gaspari Nutrition 80 products

    Gaspari Nutrition

    Founded by well known bodybuilder Rich Gaspari 1998 with the goal to produce the highest quality, science-based sports nutrition supplements in the world. Gaspari Nutrition has built a reputation for setting an industry standard for purity, quality, and potency, as well as using unbiased independent research to back up their products.
  • GAT 41 products


    GAT is a premium, hardcore supplement brand with a mission to develop products that assist athletes with training hard to reach their fitness, sports, and development goals. Boasting popular products such as NITRAFLEX pre workout, JetMASS creatine, and MUSCLE MARTINI aminos, as well as fan favourite IFBB pro ‘Big Ramy” as a TeamGAT Athlete.
  • GEN-TEC 111 products


    Gen-Tec Nutrition is an Australian brand founded in 1999 by popular bodybuilder Nick Jones. Renowned for the purity and quality of ingredients they use in their products, Gen-Tec are one of the most well-known brands in the Australian supplement industry. Producing some unique products such as the ever popular ‘casein protein custard’ and ‘thermo fuel,’ Gen-Tec also have many world champions among their sponsored athlete team, which only further bolsters the high reputation of Gen-Tec Nutrition.
  • Ghost Lifestyle 9 products

    Ghost Lifestyle

    Transparency, branding and innovation are the 3 words that jump to mind when thinking of Ghost Lifestyle. While producing innovative and efficaciously dosed supplements to help a wide range of people reach their health & fitness goals, Ghost has taken branding and transparency to a level never before seen in the supplement industry. From their packaging, to their enormous social media footprint, to their unique flavour systems, one try of any Ghost Lifestyle supplement will have you seriously impressed
  • Giant Sports 33 products

    Giant Sports

    With a philosophy to make and market the absolute best products possible, Giant sports are dedicated to bringing the most efficacious, innovative, best tasting, and safest products available to their consumers.
  • Grenade 1 products


  • Herbs of Gold 47 products

    Herbs of Gold

    Herbs of Gold has unique characteristics in their products whereby they use a combination of herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutrients throughout their entire product range. Herbs of Gold showcases a holistic approach in the development of their products by promoting traditional herbal medicines from European, Chinese and Ayurvedi (Indian) cultures. Herbs of Gold continues to develop high quality, efficacious supplements by using traditional evidence combined with the latest research on herbs and nutrients. Herbs of Gold is a trustworthy and reliable company, providing highest quality, natural ingredients to their customers. Their supplement range varies from: allergies, bones and joints, hair, skin and nails, muscles and ligaments, memory and concentration, stress and blood sugar metabolism. These products can benefit athletes and other normal adults who may need certain supplementation requirements that are not being met in their current diet regime. They are dedicated to your health.
  • HPN 30 products


    High Performance Nutrition (HPN) was created to cater for elite athletes and hard training individuals who want to increase their performance without worrying about the legality or safety of their products.From their neuroprotector, endurance, metabolism and anti-aging supplement like N(R) to their Pro(Zero) protein powder that is vegan-friendly and only made from the most natural, nutrient dense ingredients, HPN is ridiculously advanced in their formulation of their supplements. Sean Torbati, CEO of High Performance Nutrition knew exactly what he was doing when he created and formulated these supplements, with his 8 years experience as a customised nutrition planner for individuals from the Olympics and other world class athletes, we can say we definitely trust his judgement. If you are looking to maximise your performance and recovery through the power of nutrition and supplementation then HPN is for you.
  • iForce 5 products


    iForce Nutrition is the first human performance company to pair functionality of nutritional science with the application of athletic performance allowing those who use it guaranteed results. iForce are serious and realistic about certain expectations when using their products, their endorsers, ambassadors and affiliates are all real people who have had to work immensely hard to achieve what they have. iForce guarantee the same level of results to all users given that old-fashioned hard work, discipline and determination are all used in conjunction with the appropriate nutrition and supplementation. iForce Nutrition provides proper application of each formula to match the specific needs of the individuals goals. Every product has been researched and tested extensively on some of the finest athletes in the world. Nutritional science, medical research and athletic performance experts have contributed to all areas of research within the iForce department. Proven science for guaranteed results by only the best experts, get on the track to a bigger, stronger, leaner, healthier YOU.
  • Insane Labz 7 products

    Insane Labz

    Insane Labz is well named, their products are seriously insane. The quality and formulation of these products come second to none and will help amplify your training routine unlike any other brand on the market. Insane Labs are manufactured in a world-class GMP certified facility. This ensures quality in all aspects of the product. Insane Labz has a huge range of products that can be used individually or together to help compliment the outcome of the products.
  • Inspired Nutraceuticals 3 products

    Inspired Nutraceuticals

    Inspired Nutraceuticals believe in the product over profit in every sense of the meaning. They look at high-quality ingredient profiles, with transparent labels as well as leading-edge scientific technology to amplify your training needs.
  • Isolator Fitness 8 products

    Isolator Fitness

    Isolator Fitness specialists when it comes to high quality meal prep bags, containers and other accessories. Isolator is there to keep your food fresh and ready to eat when you’re on the go! They help you achieve your health and fitness goals by keeping you on track.
  • JYM Supplement Science 19 products

    JYM Supplement Science

    Jym Supplements are well known by users for the exceptional quality and science which has gone into the creation of each and every product. The creator of the supplement brand, Jim Stoppani, is an exceptionally qualified individual, with a diverse background in sports nutrition and exercise science. His extensive background and knowledge has led to creation to some of the highest rated products based on their uniqueness, quality and effectiveness. His product range is diverse and used by athletes looking to achieve both aesthetic enhancing and performance supporting goals. You cannot go passed Jym Supplements for a guaranteed safe, effective and efficaciously dosed product.
  • Kaged Muscle 6 products

    Kaged Muscle

    Kaged Muscle has come along way in to being one of the most respected supplement providers that the industry has ever seen. With all of their products being backed by science, Kaged Muscle pride themselves on their high-quality and clinically dosed products, making them worth every penny.
  • Kodiak Sports 24 products

    Kodiak Sports

    Kodiak Sports is a retail exclusive sports nutrition brand dedicated to bringing true results to all those who use their products. Kodiak Sports are easily known for their pre-workout, aminos and fat burners! The best part is the quality of the product matches the taste. Kodiak Sports pre-workout 'Attack' is not one of your pre-workouts that over promises and under delivers, it's the real deal. Attack gives you intense energy, skin splitting pumps and razor sharp focus, three out of three for us!! Kodiak Sports amino 'Ammo' is a branched chain amino acid (BCAA) powerhouse, best formulated as an intra-workout. Kodiak went one step further by adding glutamine, citrulline, PepForm peptides and electrolytes that have been scientifically proven to accelerate recovery, replenish energy stores, improve the absorption of amino acids and keep you hydrated mid-workout! These are just examples of the amazing range of products Kodiak have, oh yeah, did we mention their flavour profile is the 'candy series?' Across all of the products (fat burner, pre-workout, aminos) you can find the flavours: Rainbow Fruits, Starpunch, Sweet and Tangy and Grape, all as delicious as they sound!
  • Lenny and Larry's 2 products

    Lenny and Larry's

    Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie® is probably the biggest game changer in baked goods within the fitness industry. Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie® are Vegan, Kosher, and Non-GMO, making them some of the cleanest products we have seen thus far. They use only the finest ingredients to create their Complete Cookies, Muscle Brownies and Muscle Muffins.
  • Magic Sports Nutrition 3 products
  • Mars 2 products


    Mars Protein has taken the market by surprise with their innovative spin to the supplement industry. Great tasting products with impressive nutritional panels these guys really know what they’re doing!
  • Maxine's 32 products


    Maxine's product range has been designed for women on-the-go who have very busy lifestyles but still want to be in tune with their health and well-being. Maxine's products are delicious whilst avoiding the use of many thickners and fillers. Some of the products have fat-burning properties to help lose some kilos aswell.
  • MAX'S 140 products


    Max's is a long standing, Australian supplement company well known for creating high-grade quality products to support muscle growth, weightloss and recovery. Their products have been relied upon for over 20 years, and are used by individuals with a wide range of goals, due to the extensiveness of their product range. They are also popular for their range specific for females, branded as Maxine's, while their protein bar range has also become incredibly popular. Many of their products are ranked highly in their relevant categories when compared to their competitors.
  • Merica Energy 2 products

    Merica Energy

    ‘Merica Energy is the brainchild of Merica Labz and therefore President Donald Trump. ‘Merica Energy has take the energy drink market by storm and for good reason! An open label nootropics formula making it anything but your typical energy drink! The only question is, what flavour will you try first?
  • Merica Labz 13 products

    Merica Labz

    'Merica Labz is a new innovative supplement by President Donald Trump that has taken the fitness industry by storm. 'Merica Labz focuses on using clinically dosed, clean, ingredients that are there to create an advantage to anyone physically and mentally in their training.
  • MTS 154 products


    CEO of MTS Nutrition Marc Lobliner put his heart into this company to produce products that embodies his passion for the health and fitness industry. This company is advancing rapidly within the industry. MTS Nutrition assures its customers that they are receiving the most advanced and adequately dosed ingredients with NO proprietary blends. MTS Nutrition is easily most famous for their protein, MTS Whey, that has set a whole new standard for whey protein combining ground-breaking flavour systems and high quality protein. The flavour profiles of the products across the board are phenomenal, cookies and cream and red velvet flavour easily take the cake! Not to mention all of the other great MTS products that are now available such as; MTS Uptake, MTS Machine Fuel, MTS Clash and MTS Barracuda just to name a few that have all been designed perfectly to work synergistically.
  • MuscleSport 7 products


    Muscle Sport is a company that prides themselves on the pure quality, time and dedication they contribute to their products. Every product has had countless hours poured into them to produce some of the best most exclusive products we have ever seen on the market. Some people might even call them the Lamborghini of the supplement industry. Their attention to detail on their nutritional panels from pre-workout to fat burners is undeniably impressive and is most definitely a cut above the rest.
  • Myoblox 7 products


    Myoblox is an exclusive premium supplement brand that prides themselves on their ability to design scientifically proven products that will assist in achieving your health and fitness goals.
  • NooWave 4 products


    Prepare for some serious muscle and brain gains with the new supplement brand in town, NooWave Supplements Co. A brand that prides itself highly on the efficaciously dosed ingredients and well thought out products that can enhance not only physical performance but it optimises mental performance as well. Get the best of both with NooWave's pre-workout POWR and SWELL that will push you to your ultimate limits.
  • Olympus Labs 20 products

    Olympus Labs

    What's your story? Olympus Labs is an innovative supplement company who are vastly different to their competitors. Olympus Labs do nothing by halves, producing some of the most premium products and formulas available on the market! Always pushing the industry with new ingredients being utilised before anyone else even knows about them. Olympus Labs is here to rid cheap marketing schemes and false advertising and with products like theirs, you'll be a Demigod in no time.
  • Optimum Nutrition 270 products

    Optimum Nutrition

    Optimum Nutrition is the World’s leading supplement company. Known for their ever popular Gold Standard Whey, they are undoubtedly the most dominant protein powder manufacturer on the planet. Their extensive product range also includes amino acids and pre-workout supplements, and users can be assured that they are receiving some of the highest quality products on the market.
  • Outbreak Nutrition 23 products

    Outbreak Nutrition

    Outbreak Nutrition is new supplement company that has impressed the market immensely within such a short amount of time. Outbreak Nutrition has an incredible product selection that continues to grow quite rapidly. Each formulated so specifically and efficaciously dosed as well. There's a product for almost every category; Pre-workout: Virus, Nitric Oxide Booster: Serum, Sleep Formula: Refuge, Fat Burner: Reclaim, Amino Recovery Formula: Antidote which is phenomenal considering the age of this company, these guys aren't here to mess around! So if you truly are a survivor, Outbreak Nutrition is perfect for you!

  • Outlast Nutrition 17 products

    Outlast Nutrition

    Outlast Nutrition is a community where athletes of all levels come together to share their knowledge. The supplements that they provide are pure, clean and Australian made, which is great if you love the idea of supporting locally! They have also been tried and tested to be safe for all sporting types. The complex formulas make them quite superior to other supplement companies. The simple formulas that they have created help the consumer maximise their gains without breaking the bank!

  • PEScience 7 products


    PEScience takes their role as supplement developers in the fitness industry very seriously. With only a few lines of products, PEScience know that they have taken the time to create amazing supplements that can be used by all levels of fitness fanatics within the industry.
  • PharmaFreak 6 products


    PharmaFreak use clinically validated ingredients and the highest level of GMP quality standards. They are dedicated to the research, development and creation of the world's strongest supplements! Whether you are prepping for a competition or just generally want to improve your fitness and health, PharmaFreak has exactly what you need.
  • Platinum Labs 83 products

    Platinum Labs

    Platinum Labs is an award-winning company that prides themselves on their premium ingredients and high-quality supplements. Whatever your goal may be, if it is to get ripped, get massive, sleep better or even feel better, Platinum Labs has something for you! Their range of supplements have been designed and formulated carefully to ensure that your body is fuelled with only the best. Be phenomenal and strive for success. Use only the best, Platinum Labs.

  • Power Performance 28 products

    Power Performance

    Power Performance Products whether you are looking for fat loss, appetite suppressants, mood enhancers or focus supplements Power Performance has your back! Power Performance can cater to any level athlete to help achieve their fitness goals.
  • Power Crunch 2 products

    Power Crunch

    Power Crunch are one of the leading innovators in protein bars, powder and drinks with their impeccable texture and taste. Power Crunch have just what you need whether you’re on the go and need a quick snack or a protein boost they have you covered.
  • Prana ON 7 products

    Prana ON

    Prana ON is a plant-based company who have revolutionised the idea of vegan supplements. The formulas and ingredients have been tried and tested by some of their best natural athletes. Prana ON uses only the most natural and safe ingredients in their products. These products are manufactured within Australia and get a big tick in our book for flavour, consistency and effectiveness. Whether you are looking for a protein powder to lose or gain weight, greens or detoxifiers, Prana ON have what you need.
  • Primabolics 7 products


    Primabolics have a mission to provide supplements with a full ingredient profile, with scientifically formulated ingredients to provide you with the best supplementation regime you could ever have. Primabolics have a huge range of products that can benefit almost everyone and their goals.
  • Primeval Labs 6 products

    Primeval Labs

    Primeval Labs use cutting-edge technology to deliver the most efficient and well-dosed ingredients to performance athletes and exercise enthusiasts alike. The formulas designed or to maximise performance across all training styles and platforms. So if you are serious about your training, Primeval Labs will help assist your goals and help you get to where you want to be.
  • ProSupps 106 products


    ProSupps company vision is to encourage healthy living through exercise, diet, and supplementation. Each supplement can be individually tailored to the personal requirements and needs of the individual's goals! ProSupps supplies the highest quality products through their cutting-edge product assortment. ProSupps is setting a whole new standard of excellence in performance supplementation.

  • Pro Tan 20 products

    Pro Tan

    Pro Tan is the original professional tanning and oil essentials used world wide! It is the preferred brand of the NPC and the official tanning product of the IFBB and the official tanning sponsor of the Mr. Olympia for the past ten years. Pro Tan allows competitors and athletes to reveal their best and true physique with no compromise to the end result.

  • Redcon1 27 products


    Redcon1 is an exciting new range brought to the market by Aaron Singerman, who previously worked as the CEO of the popular supplement brand Blackstone Labs. Redcon1 has been 'military inspired' and designed for use by both bodybuilders and elite level athletes. Singerman promotes his brand as a means to achieve the Champion Mindset, and his products have received much attention in recent times. Redcon1 Supplements are all 100% transparent formulas, therefore there are no proprietary blends used here. Some exciting products to hit the market include the Complete Pre-workout Total War and the Stimulant Free Pump Formula Big Noise.
  • Ronnie Coleman 64 products

    Ronnie Coleman

    Ronnie Coleman Signature Series™ is owned and operated by none other than the man himself, Ronnie Coleman. 8-time Mr.Olympia champion has designed supplements to truly support you and your fitness goals. The pre-workout Yeah Buddy is nothing short of amazing and used with Stacked N.O.pump will give you the push you need to get all kinds of gains in the gym.
  • Rule 1 61 products

    Rule 1

    Rule One Proteins team has over 100 years experience collectively. This company offers a unique set of skills and experiences but most of all, they offer a passion for the industry that they are in. Rule one proteins are made with the finest raw materials and ingredients available, they believe in the best input is the best output. Rule One Proteins use state-of-the-art GMP facilities and use the latest quality blending measuring and packing equipment available. They always look for purity not price when searching for the raw materials. One of the more popular proteins from Rule One is their hydrolyzed isolated whey protein, which comes in a plethora of flavours and is some of the highest quality protein we have seen thus far. Only those ingredients that pass Rule One Proteins stringent standards for safety, quality and efficacy are used in the final products.

  • Ryse Supplements 4 products

    Ryse Supplements

    Ryse Supplements have some of the best products we have seen on the market. Whether you are looking for a pre-workout, intra-workout or post-workout supplement, Ryse has some options for you. Their clinically dosed ingredients alongside their great tasting supplements allow for a truly better experience. Amplify your training regime with the use of Ryse Supplements today.
  • Scitec Nutrition 31 products

    Scitec Nutrition

    Scitec Nutrition is an innovative brand that is reknown for their extensive product testing and quality control. You get exactly what you pay for with Scitec Nutrition and it is worth every dollar. Scitec products range from protein powders to creatine, amino acids, testosterone boosters, fat burners and much more!
  • Scivation 31 products


    Scivation has dedicated their products to those who wish to better their physiques through science. Scivation products range greatly, but their most popular formula would be from Scivation Xtend BCAAS which have proven to be some of the tastiest and effective intra-workout formulas we have seen thus far. Shop the range today to start bettering your athletic performance and reaching your ultimate goals.
  • Sinister Labs 1 products

    Sinister Labs

    Sinister Labs is an innovative supplement company who have truly taken supplementation to a new level. The company has utilised both powdered and spreadable supplements which gives an edge to their competitors. Whether you are bulking, cutting or just maintaining there is a supplement from Sinister Labs just for you.
  • Six Pack Fitness 2 products

    Six Pack Fitness

    Six Pack Fitness have created a revolution when it comes to meal prep bags. This company is for serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts who need accountability for their nutrition and dietary intake. Six Pack take some of the stress out of meal prep and help those who travel often with their extensive range of travel luggage too!
  • Snickers 1 products


    Snickers Protein has truly hit the market by storm. A newly formulated protein source with a very familiar flavour these products were definitely designed to impress. If you love their original flavour then you’ll definitely love their fitness influenced twist ones as well.
  • Sparta Nutrition 10 products

    Sparta Nutrition

    Sparta Nutrition is delivering some of the most hardcore products on the market. These elite level supplements are truly a cut above the rest. The products have been known to help users reach their peak potential and gain their desired physique whether that be through bulking, cutting or even maintaining, Sparta Nutrition have exactly what you need.
  • Spazmatic Supplements By Tim Muriello 1 products

    Spazmatic Supplements By Tim Muriello

    Spazmatic Supplements is the brand created by fitness celebrity, comedian, YouTuber
  • Staunch Nation 8 products

    Staunch Nation

    Backed by the Australian Oak, Calum Von Moger, Staunch Nation combines cheeky branding with heavy hitting, effective formulations that are sure to please even the fussiest supplement consumer. Don't be fooled by the fun brand image and often tongue-in-cheek marketing, Staunch Nation supplements pack a serious punch!
  • Steel Supplements 2 products

    Steel Supplements

    Steel Supplements design products to suit everybody's health and fitness needs. Whether it is to improve sleep, build muscle or lose fat there is a product for you. Their transparent formulas are a great incentive to use this brand as what you see is what you get. They dedicate themselves to using only the highest quality ingredients to help you push past all of your fitness limitations.
  • Switch Nutrition 6 products

    Switch Nutrition

    Switch Nutrition use science-based formulas that are known to enhance the users training and performance measures naturally. Their transparency on their labelling proves that they want the best for their consumer and show their willingness to use the best knowledge and technology they have to create a great product. There is a huge range of supplements to choose from for all goal types.
  • Titan 1 products


    Titan Nutrition have proudly conjured some of the tastiest protein bars we have ever seen in the industry. Their range of flavours sets them aside from any other brand and their complex formulas makes them just as exciting.
  • Tribeca Health 19 products

    Tribeca Health

    Tribeca Health is an Australian-based sports nutrition company that prides itself on using some of the highest-quality, natural ingredients that is well suited to any person, and any goal. Tribeca Health are known for their all-natural ingredients that are designed to enhance overall health and well-being.
  • Ultimate Nutrition 3 products

    Ultimate Nutrition

    The late Victor Rubino created Ultimate Nutrition in 1979 to help support some of the top athletes in the world with their nutrition and dietary needs. Ultimate Nutrition uses high quality, highly researched ingredients to create their supplements. Ultimate Nutrition is also known for some of their more innovative products such as: Carnebolic, a hydrolysed beef isolate protein. Carnebolic is just one product that has made a huge difference in this industry not only from the quality of the product but from the taste as well, it's too good to be true. The quality consistency stems to all of the products under Ultimate Nutrition.
  • Universal Nutrition 48 products

    Universal Nutrition

    Universal Nutrition is used by Bodybuilders all over the world. They provide cutting-edge and staple products for all types of athletes. Honesty, integrity and respect are all values that they hold close to their hearts and it is represented in their products as well. Universal Nutritions Animal series also took the world by storm with their innovative use of ingredients to formulate some of the best pumps, test boosters and multi-vitamin complexes we have seen thus far.

  • Victory Labs 4 products

    Victory Labs

    Victory Labs offers a myriad of products that can help with your health and fitness goals. From pre-workouts to proteins Victory Labs have it all! Find what you need today to help you reach your goals!
  • Vitargo 5 products


    Vitargo is a revolutionary product that all athletes can benefit from. Their thoroughly tested products are halal, vegan, gluten-free and drug-free certified. Vitargo will allow your body to push performance and fully fuel your body appropriately. These products are versatile and can be used, pre-workout, intra-workout or even post-workout.
  • Walden Farms 1 products

    Walden Farms

    Walden Farms provide calorie, fat, sugar and gluten free condiments perfect for the health conscious individual. From syrups, spreads, sauces and dips, Walden Farms have it all.
  • Westside Barbell 5 products

    Westside Barbell

    Westside Performance is the official supplement line of the world's best strongest gym, Westside Barbell. Westside is so elite, that you have to be invited to their gym, they host some of the worlds strongest and best athletes from all over the world. Building a legacy of immense strength is something they are most passionate about, and it is reflected in their products as well. From their strength and power based pre-workouts to their muscle igniting branch chain amino acids, Westside Performance Nutrition has all that you need to make all kinds of gains.

  • Whatever Your Work May Be 3 products

    Whatever Your Work May Be

    Rob and Dana Linn Bailey market their success with honesty and integrity. Rob and Dana built a successful apparel line with Flag Nor Fail and are killing it with their Run Everything Labs supplements to say the least, but this power couple haven't stopped there. Whatever You Work May Be is another one of their babies that they take a lot of pride in. One of the more popular products we've seen from them is Onward. Onward is a unique dietary supplement that can help you get the most out of your life. If you suffer from poor nutrition, lack of sleep, lack of energy and other various factors, Onward may just be the supplement for you. This unique blend of vitamins, minerals and compounds will help you achieve the most out of your day and your life with immune support, sustained energy, mood enhancement and optimal focus.

  • Your Flavour 7 products

    Your Flavour

    Cooking has never been so easy with the new and delicious Your Flavour seasonings. They are 100% natural, no onions and no garlic seasonings, no artificial colours, additives or preservatives, no fillers, no sugar, no soy, no MSG or GMOs. They are also gluten free and low in salt. The best thing about Your Flavour is it comes in different flavours: Mexican Mamacita, Italiano Perfecto, Middle Eastern Ya Habbibi, Season It All and Indian Masala.
  • Yummy Sports 1 products

    Yummy Sports

    Yummy Sports is one of the best tasting brands on the market to date. Alongside awesome flavour profiles, Yummy Sports care about the purity and quality of the ingredients they use in their products. Their powdered formulas can be used by anyone, and especially those who enjoy candylike flavours that are 100% guilt-free. Can be used by fitness professionals or fitness enthusiasts alike to help reach your fitness goals.