Function Supplements

Frank Medrano prides himself on his high quality, all-natural supplements. Not only are these products manufactured in a GMP certified facility, they have clinical dosages of ingredients in their products too. Function Supplements include a line of products that they consider the most important; lean protein, BCAA's and probiotics. These supplements are some serious work. However, the best thing about Function Supplements is that Frank has thought about who could potentially benefit from these products. ALL of these products are vegan friendly and are made with all-natural ingredients. This means that everyone has the potential to make some serious gains, no excuses now! Function Supplements is best known for their 2WO BCAA Solution, this supplement is used to maximise muscle performance and help prevent muscle breakdown. Only the highest quality SunBCA(TM) Fermented BCAAs are used to making this formula, and, with a little extra hint of L-carnitine tartrate added to help boost natural energy production by assisting in using fat as fuel for energy.
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