Mike Rashid, famous for his YouTube vlogging and co-owner of the Metroflex LBC Gym and WBFF Pro created a company called ImSoAlpha. His line of supplements include pre-workouts, BCAAs, Omega-3s and Superfoods, all of which use the highest quality ingredients. For those of you who have watched Mike Rashid in his YouTube videos, you'll know that he doesn't do anything by halves. Mike puts himself into everything that he does, which is why ImSoAlpha is a cut above the rest. Added to the list of great supplements is Mike's own newest addition, 'Ambrosia Nektar™, a complete human health supplement' contains all scientifically validated ingredients in their studied dosages to address the parts of your body that truly matter such as: liver, kidneys, blood sugar and blood pressure. This is just one example of a handful of products that you could truly benefit from.
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