Kodiak Sports

Kodiak Sports is a retail exclusive sports nutrition brand dedicated to bringing true results to all those who use their products. Kodiak Sports are easily known for their pre-workout, aminos and fat burners! The best part is the quality of the product matches the taste. Kodiak Sports pre-workout 'Attack' is not one of your pre-workouts that over promises and under delivers, it's the real deal. Attack gives you intense energy, skin splitting pumps and razor sharp focus, three out of three for us!! Kodiak Sports amino 'Ammo' is a branched chain amino acid (BCAA) powerhouse, best formulated as an intra-workout. Kodiak went one step further by adding glutamine, citrulline, PepForm peptides and electrolytes that have been scientifically proven to accelerate recovery, replenish energy stores, improve the absorption of amino acids and keep you hydrated mid-workout! These are just examples of the amazing range of products Kodiak have, oh yeah, did we mention their flavour profile is the 'candy series?' Across all of the products (fat burner, pre-workout, aminos) you can find the flavours: Rainbow Fruits, Starpunch, Sweet and Tangy and Grape, all as delicious as they sound!
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