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PhD Supplements is all about making the difference. It's more than just creating supplements, it is about delivering performance nutrition that inspires and enables people to achieve performance driven goals. PhD was established in 2005, since then, they have delivered clean and honest products designed for the consumer to obtain the best chance at reaching their fitness potential. PhD are firm believers in high quality, and they know that not every goal can be met just by using supplements, achieving goals is so much more than that. Quality nutrition in the form of food is always a must, coupling good nutrition is the use of hard work, always hard work, but where PhD differ is that they truly believe in the power of supplementation working synergistically with nutrition and hard work. They were sick of hearing rubbish constantly being pushed out by other companies, over promising and under delivering. Finally, they decided it was their time to shine and bring out products that would benefit athletes, and not just athletes but an average gym enthusiast as well. PhD supplements are for people who are willing to put in the hard work, who are willing to go above and beyond their other peers, who are destined for things far greater than you could have ever imagined.

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