"Multivitamin" is a term used to describe any form of tablet, capsule, powder or liquid supplement that provides multiple essential minerals and vitamins. These essential vitamins and minerals found in multivitamin supplements are responsible for encouraging efficiency in your bodily functions. As a standalone supplement, a multivitamin can be safe and effective for everyone and there are a variety of different types designed for advanced athletes or everyday individuals. A general multivitamin is a great for most individuals, however we recommend supplementing with products specific to your specific needs. There are a variety of multivitamins specific to men, women and performance athletes that are designed to promote optimal health for these individuals. A multivitamin supplement ensures that your body has all of the essential vitamins and minerals necessary to function in the most efficient manner possible. In particular, a multivitamin ensures that any gaps in your diet are filled. This reduces the risk of becoming deficient in a particular vitamin, which could negatively affect multiple bodily functions.
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