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Baywatch Celebrity Workout

February 16, 2016 | 0 Comments
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Baywatch is currently due for release in 2017 and is set to star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron as the lean and muscular lifeguards who patrol the beaches of California.


The Baywatch Celebrity workout will be a total body workout designed to make you lean, strong and athletic in the mold of our trusted beach heroes, who rescuethose in distress out of the water.


It’s important as a lifeguard to not just look aesthetic but to actually perform your duties at the highest of standard. You need to have the physical capabilities to save those in danger… Do you?


If not, this workout will condition you to look and perform like a celebrity lifeguard on the beaches of California.


Use the following full body giant set plus HIIT circuit  three times per week:


  • Complete exercise A1 & immediately begin exercise A2, then begin exercise A3, then begin exercise A4. (4 Sets)

  • Complete bodyweight HIIT circuit  A & immediately begin HIIT circuit B (3 sets)

Giant Set

A giant set is a series of 4 or more exercises completed back-to-back as a large superset. You rest only after you have completed the last exercise in the giant set, with rest time in the preceding exercises only what’s needed to move from exercise to exercise.


The giant set in this workout is designed to build strength and metabolic conditioning at the same time. This is why we’ll be combining compound lifts with a low rest time and moderate weight levels. It’s time to perform as good as you look!


A1) Squat: (Perform 10 Reps of your 12RM) – Squat Instructional Video

A2) Barbell Row: (Perform 10 Reps of your 12RM) – Barbell Rows Instructional Video

A3) Deadlift: (Perform 10 Reps of your 12RM) – Deadlift Instructional Video

A4) Standing Military Press: (Perform 10 Reps of your 12RM) – Standing Military Press Instructional Video

Rest 120 seconds and repeat for 5 times overall.


Give it your best and be warned, choose your weights wisely. As what may seem easy at the beginning, won’t be when you are 3-4 sets in.


Bodyweight HIIT Circuit

After the giant set has obliterated you, and the going gets tough, we are going to push you even further. You know why? Because as a celebrity lifeguard you’ll be called into action at any time to save a life. The waters won’t wait for you to be in prime condition, to be warmed up and be ready to jump in and battle the tide.


So now that we’ve pushed you mentally and physically with the giant set. We are going to see what you are made out of with this bodyweight HIIT circuit designed to take your conditioning to another level.


The circuit will hit your upper body, lower body, core and finish off with a form of cardio.


Circuit A


A1) Push Ups (Perform 15 Reps and rest for 10 seconds)

A2) Bodyweight Squats (Perform 15 Reps and rest for 10 seconds)

A3) Toe Touches (Perform 15 Reps and rest for 10 seconds)

A4) Burpee (Perform 15 Reps and rest for 10 seconds)


Circuit B


A1) Pull Ups/Bodyweight Row (Perform 15 Reps and rest for 10 seconds)

A2) Walking Lunges (Perform 15 Reps and rest for 10 seconds)

A3) Crunches (Perform 15 Reps and rest for 10 seconds)

A4) Jumping Jack (Perform 15 Reps and rest for 120 seconds)


The challenge has been set! Complete this three times per week to transform into a celebrity lifeguard. Hit the beaches, save the damsels in distress and become your own hero!

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