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Gut Blaster

September 21, 2016 | 0 Comments
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As Spring weather starts to make it’s debut, we all begin to think about making a start on our Summer Bod. Namely, we all start hitting the gym and paying more attention to our diets in a bid to ensure we have a chance at showing off a six pack come Summer time. 

Let’s face it, performing cardio and training your abs would have to be the two least favourite workouts for most people. The good new is that adhering to a sensible, consistent diet will do plenty for helping you achieve a trimmer, more toned waistline. But if you really want to maximise how impressive your core can look, you’ll want to incorporate a variety of abdominal exercises in conjunction with some cardio. This will help build your abdominal muscles and truly make them ‘pop’.

We’ve made it simple for you, and put together a workout that is designed to both shred fat and target your abs at the same time!

This should be completed at a fast-pace, with little to no rest until all exercise and designated reps are completed!

What you will need:

Please note, the weights used should be heavy and challenging; this should be not an easy workout! If you feel the weight is too light and you are able to complete the exercises with ease, it’s time to increase the weight.

Perform the workout is as follows and must be completed in order and in the pairs described below. Good luck!

Gut Blaster

  • 50 KB Swings (heavy KB) + 10 KB V-Sit Ups (light KB)
  • 40 KB Goblet Squats (heavy KB) + 20 Butterfly Sit Ups
  • 30 DB Push Press + 30 Lying Leg Raises
  • 20 Burpee Box Jumps + 40 Russian Twists
  • 10 Man Makers + 50 Plank to Bridge


And that’s it!

How did you go? If you feel like the ultimate challenge and stepping it up, take a few minutes of rest and start the workout from the bottom and work your way back up to the top!


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