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Home Abs & Core Workout Advanced

April 30, 2020 | 0 Comments
Reading Time: 2 minutes
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Bodyweight Abs & Core Workout… time to develop that 6 Pack!

When we look at training our abs and core using just our bodyweight as resistance with the right knowledge and ‘database’ of exercise variations, it’s just a matter of selecting which movements you are going to utilise and creating your workout from that just like you would in the gym!

For an entire encyclopedia of bodyweight abs & core exercises check out our ‘In The House’ video series and make sure you watch the video before continuing on…

Have you watched the video? You have? Perfect! We will be pulling on the information to help structure this workout.

At Home Core & Abs Workout Exercises | In The House With Team MassiveJoes

What Will You Need:

Yourself (bodyweight)

A soft yoga/floor matt (it will make things more comfortable)

Workout Structure:

When it comes to training Abs & Core things gets mixed up a bit. Instead of doing all the sets of one movement and then moving to the next, it’s often more valuable to work within a circuit of exercises and work through rounds instead of sets. It’s not going to be very fun, and it’s not going to be that enjoyable BUT once it is over… well, it will be over!

Work Time: 

Each exercise will use 40 seconds of work time

Rest Time:

Between 20 seconds between exercises

Between 1 – 2 minutes between rounds


1 – Inchworm Walkout

2 – Plank Hold

3 – Single Straight Leg Raise

4 – Elbow Crunch

5 – Windscreen Wipers

6 – Heel taps

How Will It All Work?

Get yourself set up somewhere comfortable because you are going to be lying on your back for a lot of this workout.

You’re going to start by completing…

40 seconds of Inchworm Walkouts

20 seconds of Rest

40 seconds of a Plank Hold

20 seconds of Rest

40 seconds of Single Straight Leg Raises

20 seconds of Rest

40 seconds of Elbow Crunches

20 seconds of Rest

40 seconds of Windscreen Wipers

20 seconds of Rest

40 seconds of Heel Taps

That is ONE round completed!

Only 4 more to go!

1 – 2 minutes of rest before starting all over again

You are going to complete 5 Rounds of this circuit before you can call it a day!

Really make sure you keep the rests between rounds to no more than 2 minutes, ideally, we want you back into that next round after 60 seconds of rest.

There you have it guys! An Abs & Core Workout using NOTHING but your Bodyweight. If you give this workout a try be sure to film yourself giving it a crack and tag @MassiveJoes on Instagram so we can show the world you crushing your In The House Workout! 

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