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Home Arm Workout Advanced

April 27, 2020 | 0 Comments
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Bodyweight Arms Workout… bring on the pump!

When we look at training arms using just our bodyweight as resistance with the right knowledge and ‘database’ of exercise variations, it’s just a matter of selecting which movements you are going to utilise and creating your workout from that just like you would in the gym!

For an entire encyclopedia of bodyweight arm exercises check out our ‘In The House’ video series and make sure you watch the video below before continuing on…

Have you watched the video? You have? Perfect! We will be pulling on the information to help structure an arm workout.

At Home Arm Workout Exercises | In The House With Team MassiveJoes

What Will You Need:

Yourself (bodyweight)

TMJ Apparel Resistance Bands (you will need them for this workout)

TMJ Apparel Fat Grips (if you have them, they will be useful)

A bench/ chair/ something sturdy at knee height

A pole/ table/ something sturdy you can wrap a band around

Work Time: 

Each sets working time will be dependant on the reps you can achieve

Rest Time: 

Between 45 – 60 seconds between each set

Between 2 – 3 minutes between each exercise

Optional Exercise 1: Bodyweight Chin Ups

Just as we mentioned in our ‘In The House’ video; Bodyweight Chin Ups are the best bodyweight bicep exercise you can perform BUT they do require something very sturdy to be able to pull your weight off the ground. We understand a lot of people will not have the equipment to perform this exercise.

If you do happen to have the set up for Chin Ups here’s what we want you to do.

Set 1: Ensuring you are using an underhand grip for your Chin Ups; you are going to perform a set to failure. Making sure you count the number of reps you get.

Set 2 – 5: You are going to complete 4 more sets of Bodyweight Chin Ups getting the same number of reps you got in the first set. If you reach failure before you get the reps you got in the first set, drop down, shake out your arms and get back up there and go until you get those reps down. Then have you rest and go for Set 3, 4 & 5!

Exercise 1: Resistance Band Bicep Curls ss/w Bodyweight Tricep Dips

Go get your TMJ Apparel Resistance Bands because we are jumping straight into some Bicep Curls superset with some Tricep Dips, so you’ll also need that bench, table, whatever you have at about knee height. We’re going to keep it real straight forward here, focusing on the range of motion for both movements.

Set 1 & 2: Warm Up Sets. We are going to take these first 2 sets nice and easy. Just completing enough reps and stopping as soon as you begin to feel any fatigue coming through. Don’t push yourself too hard too early. Starting with Bicep Curls and then jumping straight into your Tricep Dips.

Set 3: Working Set. This will be the set that sets the reps for the rest of the working sets. We want you to complete as many reps as you can until you feel that burn come through the biceps and then jump straight into your dips and going until that burn comes through the triceps. Always making sure you keep that form tidy and most importantly getting that FULL range of motion coming as low and as open as you can each rep. *Do NOT go to complete failure!

Set 4 – 6: Remember the number of reps you got for both parts in Set 3? Good, because you are now going to get the exact same number of reps in for the next 3 sets. Yeah, we’re being serious here. If you got 15 Biceps Curls you are going to work until you get those 15 Bicep Curls, rest as much as you need but keep them short. Same goes for the Tricep Dips.

Exercise 2: Resistance Band Single Arm High Curls ss/w Resistance Band Overhead Tricep Extension

Yep, not only is that a mouthful of an exercise combo but this will put your arms to the test! Of course, time to get that resistance band setup around that sturdy pole in your house. Starting with your Single Arm Bicep Curls we are going to try and use our ‘weaker’ arm first, everyone has a weaker side, so make sure you use that side first for all sets. Once both biceps are PUMPED time to flick the switch and hit those triceps with our overhead extensions leaning away from the anchor point and getting that full stretch and squeeze each rep.

Set 1: Warm Up Set. We are going to take this first set nice and easy. Just completing enough reps and stopping as soon as you begin to feel any fatigue coming through for both exercises.

Sets 2 – 5: Working Sets. Same thing as Exercise 1 here. You are going to set the rep numbers in this first working set. Then for Sets 3, 4 & 5, you will match those reps no matter how long or how much that burn… well… burns! Making sure we start with our weaker arm each time for the bicep curls and match the reps on both sides of the body, can’t have one side working more than the other. Ensure to take note of where you are standing for each exercise and each set as it will influence the tension on the band.

Exercise 3: Tricep Plank Press

This is a special request by Joseph Mencel as he HATED this movement so much during the filming of In The House. Let’s just say, he underestimated how tough bodyweight tricep training can be. Be sure to go and rewatch this part of the video to ensure you get the set up correct. It’s very easy to have your hands not far enough in front of the body and too much under the shoulders that your elbows cannot come down. This isn’t a tricep push up, you want to get those forearms and elbows to the ground.

Set 1: Working Set. This will be the set that sets the reps for the rest of the working sets. We want you to complete as many reps as you can until you feel that burn come through the triceps and possibly the shoulders too. Always making sure you keep that form tidy and maintain that controlled tempo. Take this to FAILURE… DO IT!

Sets 2 – 5: Just like Set 1 but we want you to get 2 less reps. If you got 20 reps for Set 1, then you are going to complete 18 reps for Set 2. For Set 3, 4 & 5 you are going to take 2 reps off what you completed in the set before and aim for that number. If you fall short, don’t sacrifice form to try and get those reps. If you complete the reps comfortably, don’t worry there’s more to come.

Exercise 4: Resistance Band Hammer Curl 21s

It’s hammer time… no, seriously it is time to do some hammer curls. If you have them, now is the time to grab your TMJ Apparel Fat Grips. We are now using a Hammer grip on the band, meaning our palms are facing in together. Using the Fat Grips will not only test our grip strength more and get more muscle activation through the forearm, but they will also provide a very nice handle to hold onto.

We are going to do 21s here. Meaning we are going to do 7 bottom half reps (bottom to halfway up) then 7 top-half reps (top to halfway down) and then, finally, 7 full-range reps (bottom all the way to the to and all the way back down). 7 + 7 + 7 = 21 easy as that!

Set 1: Warm Up Set. We are going to take this first set nice and easy. Just completing the 21 reps and getting a feel for our much tension is on the band.

Sets 2 – 5: Workout Sets. Let’s go, straight into it and lets take this set all the way to failure, we want you struggling on that 5th, 6th & 7th full-range rep! Rest, recovery and go again to get those 4 sets of 21s here!

There you have it guys! An Arms Workout using NOTHING but your Bodyweight and TMJ Apparel Resistance Bands. If you give this workout a try be sure to film yourself giving it a crack and tag @MassiveJoes on Instagram so we can show the world you crushing your In The House Workout! 

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