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Home Glute Workout Advanced

April 17, 2020 | 0 Comments
Reading Time: 3 minutes
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Bodyweight Glutes Workout… lets build a booty!

When we look at training glutes using just our bodyweight as resistance with the right knowledge and ‘database’ of exercise variations, it’s just a matter of selecting which movements you are going to utilise and creating your workout from that just like you would in the gym!

For an entire encyclopedia of bodyweight glutes exercises check out our ‘In The House’ video series and make sure you watch the video below before continuing on…

At Home Glute Workout Exercises | In The House With Team MassiveJoes

Have you watched the video? You have? Perfect! We will be pulling on the information to help structure a Glute workout.

What Will You Need:

Yourself (bodyweight)

TMJ Apparel Hip Circle

TMJ Apparel Resistance Bands

Work Time: 

Each sets working time will be dependant on the reps you can achieve

Rest Time:

Between 30 – 45 seconds between sets

Between 2 – 3 minutes between exercises

Exercise 1: Glute Bridge Combo

Exercise Structure For Exercise 1:

Exercise 1 will be a little bit different. The key exercise we will be performing is a Glute Bridge and then all the variations of that exercise. You will have 5 different variations and you can choose a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 variations to perform.

Exercise Options For Exercise 1:

Glute Bridge – Neutral Stance

Glute Bridge – Wide Stance

Glute Bridge – Close Stance

Glute Bridge – Frog Stance

Glute Bridge – Single Leg

Rest Time For Exercise 1:

Between 10 – 15 seconds between exercises

Between 1 – 2 minutes between rounds

How Will Exercise 1 Work?

  1. Start by selecting a minimum of 3 Glute Bridge variations. The more variations you select, the more “fun” you are going to have!
  2. Get yourself set up somewhere comfortable because you are going to be lying on your back for this entire workout.

*Let’s say you selected Glute Bridge – Neutral, Wide, Close and Single Leg (4 variations)

  1. You’re going to start by completing 10 reps off Glute Bridges – Neutral Stance, then with a maximum of 15 seconds rest, go straight into 10 reps of Glute Bridges – Wide Stance, then 10 reps of Glute Bridges – Close Stance and finally 10 reps of Glute Bridges – Single Leg (10 reps per leg). That is ONE round completed.
  2. You are going to complete 5 Rounds in total.
    • Round 1 – 10 reps per exercise
    • Round 2 – 8 reps per exercise
    • Round 3 – 6 reps per exercise
    • Round 4 – 4 reps per exercise
    • Round 5 – 2 reps per exercise
  • Try to maintain only 10 -15 seconds rest between each Glute Bridge variation, that should only be enough time to stop, reset in the new stance and get straight into them.
  • Really make sure you keep the rests between rounds to no more than 2 minutes, ideally, we want you back into that next round after 60 seconds of rest.

Exercise 2: Banded Abduction ss/w Banded Crabwalk

Grab yourself your TMJ Apparel Hip Circle (or TMJ Apparel Resistance Band doubled over) and set yourself up with the Hip Circle just above the knees/ bottom of the quads. You are supersetting to similar exercises here. First being your Abductions; we are going to complete 10 reps with each leg and then moving into our Crabwalks… until failure, yeah failure.

Sets 1 – 5: Abductions first, 10 reps with each leg and then straight into your Crabwalks. Staying bent through the knees, chest proud and keeping the tension across band around the knees. Walking as many steps one direction as you have space and then stepping straight back to where you started… don’t worry about counting the steps, just go till failure!

Exercise 3: Resistance Band Glute Kickbacks

Get those Resistance Bands ready because we are going to finish strong today. You might want to go back and rewatch this exercises demonstration in the ‘In The House’ episode because it’s a lot easier seeing it. Ensuring you have the band securely set up on both ends. When we ‘kickback’ ensuring we think about pushing our foot away from the body and ensuring we squeeze the glutes each and every rep.

Set 1: Working Set. This will be the set that sets the reps for the rest of the working sets. We want you to complete as many reps as you can until you feel that burn come through the glutes. Always making sure you keep that form tidy. Try to start with your weaker side and ensure you complete the same number of reps for each leg. *Do NOT go to complete failure!

Set 2: Just like Set 1 but we want you to get 3 less reps. If you got 25 reps for Set 1, then you are going to complete 22 reps for each leg for Set 2.

Sets 3 – 5: Just like Set 2, you will take 3 reps OFF what you were able to get from the previous set (Set 2). Then repeat this process for sets 3, 4 & 5.

There you have it guys! A Glute Workout using nothing but your Bodyweight and some TMJ Apparel Hip Circles and Resistance Bands. If you give this workout a try be sure to film yourself giving it a crack and tag @MassiveJoes on Instagram so we can show the world you crushing your In The House Workout! 

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