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Home Quads Workout Beginner

May 1, 2020 | 0 Comments
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Bodyweight Quads Workout… time to buy some new pants!

When we look at training quads using just our bodyweight as resistance with the right knowledge and ‘database’ of exercise variations, it’s just a matter of selecting which movements you are going to utilise and creating your workout from that just like you would in the gym!

For an entire encyclopedia of bodyweight quads exercises check out our ‘In The House’ video series and make sure you watch the video before continuing on…

Have you watched the video? You have? Perfect! We will be pulling on the information to help structure this workout.

At Home Quads Workout Exercises | In The House With Team MassiveJoes

What Will You Need:

Yourself (bodyweight)

TMJ Apparel Resistance Bands (you will need them for this workout)

A step/ bench/ something to support your weight

Work Time: 

Each sets working time will be dependant on the reps you can achieve

Rest Time:

Between 30 – 45 seconds between sets

Between 2 – 3 minutes between exercises

Exercise 1: Squat Combo

Exercise Structure For Exercise 1:

Exercise 1 will be a little bit different. The key exercise we will be performing is a Squat/ Bodyweight Squat/ Free Squat (whatever you want to call it) and then all the variations of that exercise. You will have 3 different variations to perform.

Variations For Exercise 1:

1 – Squat – Neutral Stance

2 – Squat – Wide Stance

3 – Squat – Sumo Stance

Rest Time For Exercise 1:

Between 10 seconds between exercises

Between 1 – 2 minutes between rounds

How Will Exercise 1 Work?

You’re going to start by completing…

10 reps of Squat – Neutral Stance

10 seconds of Rest

10 reps of Squat – Wide Stance

10 seconds of Rest

10 reps of Squat – Sumo Stance

That is ONE round completed! Only 3 more to go!

1 – 2 minutes of rest before starting all over again

You are going to complete 4 Rounds of this circuit before you can call it a day… for exercise 1!

Really make sure you keep the rests between rounds to no more than 2 minutes, ideally, we want you back into that next round after 60 seconds of rest.

Exercise 2: Bulgarian Split Squats

You’re going to need your bench, table, chair… your sturdy object at about knee height. Make sure you go back and review this exercise in the ‘In The House’ episode to ensure you have the correct setup first. We are going to be working our weaker side of the body first, please start with the weaker side for each set.

Sets 1 – 4: Working Sets. These are all going to be about continuous work here… I know, I know, it won’t be fun but here we go. You are going to start by working with your weaker leg on the floor and your stronger leg back behind on the bench (your weaker leg is the working leg in this setup). You are going to work until you really feel that burn come through your front leg, stop, swap legs over and match the exact same number of reps with your stronger leg now being forward on the ground.

Once you have finished 1 Set working both legs evenly stand up, shake out the legs and rest for the full 60 seconds. Really use this rest time to stay active but recover enough to take that next set to complete failure!

Exercise 3: Narrow Stance Squat Pulses

Time to blow these quads up! These Narrow Stance Squat Pulses are going to flood so much blood into our quads that we will be well and truly done once they are over! We are going to using Time Under Tension as well as really short rest times to mess ourselves up here! You will complete 4 Rounds of the sets we will now explain to you. Here we go, the finisher exercise!

Each set you will be pyramiding up in number of pulses before standing up. Standing in your narrow stance you will lower yourself down until halfway down through the squat movement, staying within this mid-range of movement you will complete 5 pulses and then stand back up. Then rest for 5 seconds. Then complete 10 pulse reps, then rest for 5 seconds. Go again for 15 pulses, then rest for 5 seconds. Then again for 20 pulses!

You will keep increasing the number of Narrow Stance Squat Pulses by 5 reps BUT keeping that short 5 second rest between each lot of pulses. Once you can’t reach the required number of pulses, that is Set 1 done and you can rest before jumping into Set 2, 3 & 4!

There you have it guys! A Quad Workout using nothing but your Bodyweight. If you give this workout a try be sure to film yourself giving it a crack and tag @MassiveJoes on Instagram so we can show the world you crushing your In The House Workout! 

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