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HPN N(r) Niagen Supplement Review

November 4, 2015 | 0 Comments
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Product Overview

HPN N(R) is a ground breaking cellular health supplement with the ability to do what no other supplement can do; and that is to dramatically increase NAD+ enzyme levels in our cells.

HPN N(R) makes every cell in our body, from our muscles to our brain, function at a higher level while simultaneously protecting them from the normal effects and breakdown caused by ageing. This provides benefits such as increased muscle endurance, accelerated fat loss, enhanced mental acuity, increased energy, and anti-ageing.


What is Niagen?

Niagen is the patented and trademarked name for the ingredient Nicotinamide Riboside. Niagen is a brand new ingredient in the dietary supplement world. It is similar in structure to Vitamin B3, though it is radically different in its functionality and absorption within the body.

Though the compound has existed for nearly 30 years, it had previously been produced in tiny quantities for research use only. HPN is the first company to sustainably produce and commercialize Nicotinamide Riboside to make an ultra pure consumer supplement in the form of HPN N(R).

How Does N(R) Work?

HPN N(R) works as a direct precursor to NAD+ in our body. This is the co-enzyme that allows the brain of our cells (known as the nucleus l) to communicate with the energy production center of our cells (the mitochondria). As we age, NAD+ levels fall by as much as 50% every 10 years. This has been directly demonstrated to be a primary cause of "ageing" as we know it today.

Taking HPN N(R) leads to a direct and proven increase in NAD+ levels which will restore proper communication in our cells and not only slow down certain aspects of ageing, but also even reverse many of them. This will allow our cells, and thus our body, to function as it was meant to, hence putting us in a position to be the best fat burning, muscle building, and healthy version of ourselves as possible.

What Are The Health Benefits of N(R)?

Muscular Endurance

HPN N(R) allows glycogen (carbohydrates) and fatty acids (fats) to be converted into ATP more efficiently during exercise to allow for a better, sustained energy supply and increased prolonged performance.

Fat Loss

HPN N(R) encourages elevated mitochondrial capacity for oxidizing (burning) fatty acids (fats), which allows for greater fat loss while in a caloric deficit, and higher caloric intake without fat gain during maintenance or lean bulking phases.

Mental Acuity

When taking HPN N(R) brain cells function more efficiently and are more protected from deterioration with higher NAD+ levels, resulting in increased mental acuity and faster thinking.

Increased Energy

A more efficient mitochondria when supplementing with HPN N(R) will lead to greater natural levels of energy all day, everyday, without the use of stimulants.


By protecting against, and even reversing ageing of cells, HPN N(R) allows cells to remain healthy and function at their highest levels for longer.

How to Use N(R)

All users should start with taking 2 scoops of HPN N(R) powder once per day first thing in the morning upon waking. This is equal to 250mg of Niagen; the clinically effective dose. Advanced users may increase their dosage to 2 scoops twice per day to yield 500mg of Niagen. The first dose should be taken upon waking, with the second dose taken 6-8 hours later.

HPN N(R) powder can be mixed in 500ml of water, mixed into protein shakes, BCAA drinks, pre-workouts, or mixed into soft foods such as yoghurt or oatmeal. The most important aspect of HPN N(R) usage is that you don’t forget to take it consistently, everyday, as it’s effects are cumulative, not transient.



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