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Olympus Labs Bloodshr3d Supplement Review

November 2, 2015 | 0 Comments
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Product Overview

Olympus Labs had supplement enthusiasts everywhere on-edge when their much-anticipated pre-workout, CONQU3R Unleashed, became available in the Australian market. Their use of key, unique ingredients has truly set this brand apart in the industry, especially given  the rate of banned ingredients increases yearly. Not only do their products appear sound from inspecting the nutritional panel, but users will agree after putting this product to the test, the results speak for themselves.

It is no surprise that the arrival of Olympus Labs Thermogenic Fat burner had fans of CONQU3R Unleashed excited, as expectations were high. Olympus Labs BLOODSHR3D has finally landed on Australian shores and will not disappoint, adhering to the unique, innovative ideas we have come to learn from this brand.

Olympus Labs BLOODSHR3D works by providing users with a myriad of pathways that will assist in your weight loss journey. The main methods it uses to achieve this is through inducing thermogenesis and lipolysis, however this product doesn’t stop there. Read on to discover just why Olympus Labs BLOODSHR3D has gained much attention and is being compared to some of the top contending Fat Burners availble on the Market.


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Nutritional Information


As we previously have seen in CONQU3R Unleashed, the high dosage of each contained ingredient used in Olympus Labs BLOODSHR3D results in each serving requiring 2 scoops. Each serve (2 scoops) weighs 4.11 grams and there are a total of 45 serves in each tub. Of this 4.11 grams, 2.15 grams (or 52%) contain active ingredients, while 48% of each serving is comprised of ingredients devoted to the flavouring, sweetening and colouring agents. This percentage is quite significant, a lot higher than we would typically see in your average fat burner supplement. However, as each serving weighs just over 4 grams, this high percentage is in reality approximately 2 grams worth of inactive products, which is quite negligible when compared to other products on the market.

The product is broken up into to components:

  • The Maximum Lipolysis Activating Matrix which contains 5 ingredients yielding 1.85 grams. This blend aims to stimulate lipolysis; the process by which body fat stores are broken down and utilised as energy.
  • The Extreme Energy, Focus and Thermogenic Matrix which contains 2 ingredients and yields 300mg. As the name suggests, this blend is designed to increase your energy and mood, while also increasing the release of feel-good hormones and eliciting a thermogenic response.

The Maximum Lipolysis Activating Matrix

The first ingredient to feature in this blend is 1g of green coffee, which is standardised at 50% and yields 500mg of Chlorogenic Acid (CA). CA is a polyphenol which contains antioxidant properties and has the ability to impact the metabolism and breakdown glucose and fats. CA works to reduce the release of glucose into the bloodstream and therefore has the potent ability to regulate blood sugar levels and stabilise insulin release. This has welcomed benefits on users appetite, mood and weight loss efforts. Studies also revealed that CA supports the release of fatty acids in the body (stored body fat) and maintains a healthy glucose tolerance when carbohydrates have been significantly reduced from diet. The form of CA used in Olympus Labs BLOODSHR3D (standardised at 50%) is the highest concentrated form available. The typical efficacious dose of CA ranges between 50 – 100mg, so the incredible dosage of 500mg well surpasses the typical range we see in other products on the market. This will maximise your ability to improve your insulin sensitivity; imperative to your overall weight loss efforts.

The second ingredient to feature in Olympus Labs BLOODSHR3D is again, very unique and not seen in many competing products on the Australian shelves. Sophora Japonica, standardised to 95% Rutin is a citrus flavonoid and can be described as a non-nutritive component of several foods such as apples, citrus, buckwheat and onions. It contains antioxidant properties and has the ability to reduce inflammation, reverse symptoms of metabolic syndrome and alleviate metabolic stress. It has been incorporated in this blend due to its ability to increase the activity of AMP-K pathways in the body, which are responsible for stimulating the uptake of ingested glucose. This means that carbohydrates can be channelled into muscle cells as opposed to remaining in the bloodstream and potentially converting into triglycerides or body fat. Therefore, this ingredient helps improve insulin sensitivity which is crucial for those seeking weight loss. Sophora Japonica has also been shown to increase fat oxidation, which encourages ingested dietary fats to be used as energy as opposed to being stored as body fat. There exists no clear information as to the efficacious dose of this ingredient, so it is unclear whether the 400mg dosage is sufficient enough to generate the effects this ingredient provides.

The third contender within The Maximum Lipolysis Activating Matrix is unsurprisingly caffeine, in a 250mg dosage. It is frequently used for its ability to increase focus, alertness and reduce feelings of fatigue as it works to increase the release of dopamine in the brain. Caffeine also upregulates and boosts metabolic rate and therefore increases users Total Daily Energy Expenditure. This allows your to increase a calorie deficit with greater ease. Several studies have also demonstrated that caffeine is highly correlated to the occurrence of lipolysis in the body. The dosage of 250mg is favourable; any more, and you’d have to compromise your intake of other caffeinated sources much like a pre-workout during your day.

The fourth ingredient featured in this blend is Rhodalia Rosea Extract in a 100mg dosage. Rhodalia is an adaptogenic herb, which works to assist the body adapt to stress. This ingredient amongst other adaptogenic herbs are gaining much popularity as high cortisol levels are becoming more and more common in society for a myriad of reasons. It has been featured in Olympus Labs BLOODSHR3D as mitigating your body’s stress response and reducing cortisol levels is integral to weight loss. Supplementing with Rhodalia Rosea results in a reduction in feelings of fatigue and an increase in energy and endurance. Dosing Rhodalia Rosea can be described as a bell curve; there is the peak or ideal efficacious dosage which is reported to be between 600 and 700mg per day, and any more than that will begin to have diminishing returns. Olympus Labs BLOODSHR3D have included only 100mg of this ingredient within each serve, making it severely underdosed. Olympus Labs did rely on a variety of studies however in which human subjects were given 100mg of Rhodalia and showed significant results in respect to increasing VO2 max and peak outputs and plasma antioxidant capacity.

The final ingredient contained within The Maximum Lipolysis Activating Matrix in Olympus Labs BLOODSHR3D is Vanillin, which is the synthetic form of the vanilla bean extract and often used as a flavouring agent in foods. This would have to be by the far the most unique ingredient utilised as it has not yet been seen in any other fat burning supplements on the market. Vanillin is a phenolic aldehyde and possesses antioxidant properties. It has been shown to boost both serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, which work to elevate mood and feelings of wellbeing. Further, vanillin has been shown to reduce blood cholesterol which is ideal when trying to lose weight, and works to increase energy metabolism and induce lipolysis. Studies also revealed that vanillin was able to lower serum triglyceride levels for subjects eating a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet. Olympus Labs BLOODSHR3D contains 100mg of vanillin per serve, however not enough information exists to determine what the efficacious dosage is.

The Extreme Energy, Focus and Thermogenic Matrix

The second blend contained within Olympus Labs BLOODSHR3D is not transparent. It contains two ingredients, which together comprise 300mg.

The first ingredient is Eria Jarensis Extract, which is a natural plant extract that yields a compound known as N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine. This compound is very similar in structure and effects to popular stimulants such as Ephedrine, DMAA and AMP-Citrate, which are no longer legal for use in dietary supplements. Eria Jarensis Extract acts as a neuromodulator on the central nervous system, yielding a myriad of attractive benefits for cognitive function. It provides mood boosting effects due to its ability to increase levels of dopamine and noradrenaline in the body. Dopamine is the hormone responsible for increased feelings of wellbeing, hence Eria Jarensis Extract provides quite a pleasant euphoric effect, while also reducing feelings of anxiety. The efficacious dose of Eria Jarensis Extract is between 125 – 150mg. As discussed, we are unaware of the exact dosage and the strength of this ingredient used, so it is diffcult to assess whether enough has been included to induce such benefits.

The final ingredient to appear in Olympus Labs BLOODSHR3D is Juglans Regia Extract scientifically knows as 2-amino-5-methylheptane, is a naturally occurring source of DHMA (Octodrine), derived from the bark of the English Walnut tree. It is also comparable and can be considered amongst other stimulants which are no longer available within Australia including AMP Citrate (DMBA), Ephedrine and DMAA. It is a psychoactive central nervous system stimulant which is used to enhance levels of both energy and mental alertness. Additional benefits of using Juglans Regia Extract include improved cognitive function, decreased appetite, improved bronchodilation, increased levels of ‘feel good’ hormones and an increased pain threshold. Reports have also shown that it has the ability to lubricate intestines and skin, relieve feelings of fatigue and stress and reduce blood sugar levels. Juglans Regia Extract is reported, to yield a higher strength and potency than the artificial form, as well as possessing an enhanced absorbency ability and provide a ‘cleaner’ source of energy. Therefore, the efficacious dose is anywhere between 25-75 mg. Again, the amount and strength contained within Olympus Labs BLOODSHR3D is unknown, however, 300mg surpasses the top end of the efficacious dose of both ingredients combined. It is therefore assumed that the ingredients in this blend are contained within a 1:1 ratio and likely to be 150mg each.

Taste & Mixability

Olympus Labs BLOODSHR3D comes in three flavours:

  • Grape Bubblegum
  • Orange Starkrush
  • Hawaiian Colada

Olympus Labs fans know that despite the effectiveness of pre-workout CONQU3R Unleashed, the flavour component of this product was sub par to say the least. Olympus Labs informed MassiveJoes that they were working on correcting flavour issues that was being caused by interactions with some of the active ingredients. Olympus Labs fans will be pleased to know that the three flavours of Olympus Labs BLOODSHR3D are all worthy of trial! They are quite strong, so if you prefer a milder taste, it is recommended to increase the amount of liquid you consume such with. The product itself mixes quite well, and dissolves simply by being mixed with a spoon.


Olympus Labs have included a broad range of innovative, unique ingredients with much clinical research backing their effectiveness and desired results in their fat burner. This product has truly separated itself from other fat burning supplements on the market, and aims to induce weight loss in a unique and intelligent way. It works to manage insulin levels, dispose of ingested glucose effectively, enhance lipolysis and fat oxidisation, suppress appetite, induce thermogenesis, increase metabolic rate, reduce cortisol levels and increase mood and energy! You’ll agree that the breadth of benefits this product provides users with one of the most powerful and innovative products we have seen.

If we are to compare Olympus Labs BLOODSHR3D to existing fat burners worthy of trial on the market however, it would appear as though there are indeed some key elements missing that we typically like to see. For example, Olympus Labs have not included a fat metaboliser such as L-Carnitine to help transport fat cells into cell mitochondria to be utilised as energy. There is also no inclusion of any fat blockers such as Hydroxycitric Acid as found in Garcinia Cambogia Extract or any essential Fatty Acids such like Conjugated Linoleic-Acid (CLA). Despite this, there are a myriad of benefits that we haven’t yet seen in any existing fat burners, so potential users should not be disenchanted. 

If you are looking to add a new fat burner into your supplement regime, and are looking for something truly innovative in nature which as a stand alone product provides a unique range of benefits to a user that have not yet been seen in supplements stores before, Olympus Labs BLOODSHR3D is your best bet. Taken prior to morning cardio or simply as a pick me up during the day, the vast array of ingredients work via different pathways to provide an intelligent, effective approach to weight loss, accompanied by improved move, cognitive function and energy. Try Olympus Labs BLOODSHR3D today!


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