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The Truth About Business Ownership

April 24, 2019 | 0 Comments
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People often tell me that they want to start their own business.

When I ask them why they are quick to list off all of the perceived benefits; more time with friends and family, financial freedom, flexibility with working hours, being your own boss… To be honest, I think they have been misled.

In the 13 years that I’ve been running MassiveJoes, I’ve learned more about business, people and myself than I would have ever imagined. And yeah, there have been some incredible highs.

But the truth is, most of the time, it’s been tough. It’s been incredibly tough.

It’s consumed every ounce of my mental & emotional energy for over a decade.

I’ve worked every single day since day 1. Time off? What time off?

I’ve lost friends – in fact, I now don’t have any friends who aren’t work-related.

I’ve given up time with family that I will never get back.

The personal financial freedom I’ve experienced pales in comparison to the financial pressures of funding an ever-growing empire.

I’ve seen far more frequently the worst, rather than the best, in people.

I’ve been let down by those who I’ve trusted time & time again.

I’ve been so consumed by stress that I’ve literally felt physically sick.

I’ve been continuously criticized by people close to me for not having balance, been told my priorities are way out of whack, and that I’m wasting my life.

And I’ve seriously considered throwing the towel in on multiple occasions.

But you know why I continue to push forward?

It’s certainly not because of those perceived benefits that most people are quick to list when they think of starting their own business. They simply do not exist.

It’s because I’m obsessed. I love this. Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And that’s the point.

If you want to run your own business the primary reason for doing so should be because you are so passionate about what you are doing that it becomes an overwhelming obsession.

I’m not saying this to discourage you from starting your own business. I’m saying that the general perception is worlds apart from the reality. The reality is, you have to be obsessed.

If you are, go for it.

If you’re not, forget about it.

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