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August 23, 2019 | 0 Comments
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1. What Is It?

ViNitrox™ is a trademarked ingredient that is made up of unique apple and grape extracts. These apple and grape extracts have been specifically selected and utilised for their polyphenol content. Polyphenols are compounds that are sourced naturally through plant-based foods and are particularly high in antioxidants. Because of this antioxidant content, polyphenols are thought to yield a wide variety of benefits towards general health as well as physical performance.

2. What Does It Do?

The benefits we experience from ViNitrox™ are all to do with the polyphenols yielded from both the apple and grape extracts. These benefits of polyphenols are nothing new to the health supplement industry and have been studied for numerous general health benefits. The application of polyphenols to sports performance and physical performance enhancement is something that has recently been getting attention.

Polyphenols are compounds we get through certain foods in our diet and, of course, through supplements. They are packed with antioxidants and are always associated with providing general health benefits to humans. There are many different variations of polyphenols that can be yielded from a very wide variety of foods. ViNitrox™ uses specific apple and grape extracts to get the specific polyphenols that provide the specific benefit desired.

Improves Blood Flow

Polyphenols have often been associated with improved endothelial function. Endothelial cells are responsible for releasing substances that control vascular relation (vasodilation) and also vascular contraction (vasoconstriction). As well as those two major functions, endothelial cells also release enzymes that regulate blood clotting, immune function as well as controlling the platelet adhesion in the blood.

This improved endothelial function will result in an increase in blood flow in the body. This increased blood flow brings a very long list of benefits ranging from increased nutrient delivery, improved removal of fatigue toxins, enhanced recovery from exercise and, possibly most important, increased oxygen delivery.

Enhances Endurance & Delays Fatigue

The main study that gets quoted a lot with materials about ViNitrox™ focused on the endurance improving the ability of the ingredient. The study found that 500 mg of ViNitrox™ consumed pre-exercise resulted in the athletes physical training time is increased by 10%. As well as this, the athletes reached their fatigue barrier 13% slower than the athletes that consumed the placebo.

A 13% increase in time until they reached their personal fatigue barrier and 10% increase in the physical training time from a single 500 mg serve of ViNitrox™ consumed 1 hour before exercising.

Improves Recovery

This often gets overlooked by ingredients that involve increases in nitric oxide levels and improved blood flow, but recovery can really benefit from these effects. Going back to our first benefit of improved blood flow, increased nutrient delivery and improved oxygen delivery are major factors that can enhance the bodies recovery after training. Just like how we are always told to get in a high protein meal and/or protein shake after we train, if we are able to enhance the blood flow throughout the body to then improve the delivery of those important nutrients and oxygen to our working muscles, we should experience improved recovery.

3. How Much Do I Need To Take?

A dose of 500 mg per day has been shown to be the ideal dose to yield the benefits that were shown in the study on ViNitrox™. Unfortunately, that is the only studied dosing of ViNitrox™ that we are aware of so we cannot say whether benefits are noticeable at a lower dose or whether the effects are increased with a larger serving.

We can say that given the pathways and interactions in the body ViNitrox™ has, we would be confident that results would still be noticeable for a dose of 250 – 300 mg per day. However we cant be confident that the studied benefits of a 500 mg serve of ViNitrox™ would be increased with a 750 mg or even a 1,000 mg serve of ViNitrox™.

4. When Do I Take It?

One of the most beneficial features of ViNitrox™ is its ability to yield its benefits from a single-serve and almost instantly. Supplementing with ViNitrox™ before training or exercising was able to yield a significant improvement in performance, even from the first dose.

This is why we see ViNitrox™ being added to pre-workout and pump formulas. Pre-exercise consumption of this ingredient makes the most sense. Even if the results improve with consistent consumption the fact that the studied results were seen after pre-exercise consumption makes it a no-brainer.

Whether it’s in a pre-workout, a pump formula, a performance non-stimulant or even as a stand-alone ingredient; taking ViNitrox™ 30 – 60 minutes before training is ideal.

5. How Long Does It Take To Work?

As we just mentioned, the studied benefits of ViNitrox™ were seen after pre-exercise consumption. Even more, importantly was a single pre-exercise dose of ViNitrox™ provided the improvements in endurance and performance.

We can say that the benefits of supplementing with ViNitrox™ can be experienced within the first hour after consumption. As for whether consistent consumption will increase the benefits seen, we aren’t sure, as more long term studies need to be conducted but we can speculate that consistent consumption will only enhance the benefits of ViNitrox™.

6. What Are The Top Products?

The top products containing ViNitrox™ are:

  • Arms Race Nutrition Harness
    Arms Race Nutrition Harness
  • Arms Race Nutrition Daily Pump
    Arms Race Nutrition Daily Pump
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