GEN-TEC Athlete Nathan Wallace

  • Age:

  • Height:

  • Chosen Sport:

    Natural Bodybuilding & Powerlifting
  • Years Training:

  • Off-Season Weight:

  • Competition Weight:

  • Competition Records:



    • INBA QLD’s – Teenage Men 1st
    • INBA Nationals – Teenage Men 1st


    • INBA QLD’s – Junior Men 1st
    • ANB QLD’s – Junior Men 1st
    • INBA Nationals – Junior Men 2nd
    • ANB Nationals – Junior Men 2nd


    • INBA QLD’s – Junior Men 1st
    • ANB QLD’s – Junior Men 1st
    • INBA Nationals – Junior Men 1st
    • ANB Nationals – Junior Men 1st
    • INBA Natural Olympia – Junior Men 1st
    • INBA Natural Olympia – Open Men Class 3 – 2nd


    • INBA Brisbane’s – Open Men Class 3 – 1st & Overall Winner
    • ANB Asia Pacific – Men’s U90kgs – 1st & Overall Winner
    • INBA Natural Universe – Open Men Class 3 – 2nd
    • ANB Nationals – Men’s U90kgs – 1st
    • Musclemania Worlds – Heavyweight Men – 2nd


    • INBA QLDS- Open Men Class 3 - 1st Place & Overall Mr QLD Champion
    • INBA Nationals - Open Men Class 3 - 1st Place & Overall Mr Australia Champion
    • ANB Nationals 1st Place Open under 90kg
    • Musclemania Australias 1st Place under 90kgs & Overall Champion
    • INBA Natural Olympia 1st Place Class 3 & Overall Champion
    • PNBA Natural Olympia 3rd Place
    • MuscleMania Worlds 1st Place Heavyweights & Overall Champion

    Powerlifting (Raw)

    • Squat - 240kg/529lbs unwrapped - 260kg/573lbs wrapped
    • Bench - 175kg/385lbs
    • Deadlift - 312.5kg/689lbs
  • Training Information:

    It is clear you participate in both Bodybuilding and Powerlifting. Which sport are you focusing on at the moment, and do you have any upcoming
    competition plans?

    Currently focusing on Powerlifting and have the IPF Nationals in 4 weeks on the 23rd Oct 2016.

    What does your current workout split look like?

     Day  Exercises




    Tuesday  Upper Body Accessories



    Lower Body Accessories 

    Thursday Rest


    Sumo Deadlifts

    Upper Body Accessories



    Speed Bench

    Lower Body Accessories

    Sunday Rest

    Do you incorporate both Bodybuilding and Powerlifting within your own programming? How do you structure your routine to achieve both objectives?

    There's always a bit of one or the other involved with my training, it just varies on the percentage of each depending on what the main goal is. So for example, right now leading into a powerlifting meet, training is a lot more specific with more volume, time and effort surrounding the 3 main lifts. Regardless, I always focus on the 3 main lifts, but the frequency and volume of them will vary depending on the goal.

    What is your take on Cardio? Do you perform it year round, or only when cutting for stage or to meet a weight class? What method have you found to be most beneficial for you and your clients?

    I try to use it sparingly and really only do it myself or get my clients to do it leading into a bodybuilding/physique competition. I think it's a tool which is too heavily relied on due to lack of knowledge surrounding proper nutrition and dieting amongst prep coaches. If I'm to get myself or clients to do it, I prefer to use HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) style cardio. It's quicker to complete and therefore time sparing, which is important as everyone is busy and evidence suggests  it's more effective as a fat loss tool than LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) cardio. I would also only do it a handful of times leading into a competition personally, while some clients have to do it a little more often. But nothing like what you may hear about; I often hear others are walking for 1-2 hours a day in a fasted state!

    What methods do you incorporate (for both Bodybuilding and Powerlifting) to ensure are progressively overloading, continually challenged and on track to meet your goals?

    I incorporate nonlinear and linear programming to make sure progression is always occurring. ,For example I'm a big user of  DUP programming and working it in a linear fashion to peak for strength. This can work for bodybuilding and powerlifting really well.

    What is your favourite and least favourite exercise and why?

    Well I have a love/hate relationship with the Squat, Bench and Deadlift. In particular, the Squat and Deadlift... as when they are feeling good, I love them! But they can break me quicker than anything else!


  • Dieting/Supplementation Information:

    What does a typical day of dieting currently look like for you?

    Meal Food
    1 WPI, Muesli 
    2  Chobani with Muesli 
    3 Spaghetti or Lasagna/Beef and Rice 
    4 Gen-Tec Macro Pro 7, Lindt Dark Chocolate

    Daily Macros:

    Protein: 270g

    Carbohydrates: 550g

    Fats: 95g

    How strictly do you adhere to your regime, or are you somewhat flexible in your methods? What is your opinion on Bro vs IIFYM?

    I am a user of both IIFYM and fixed meal plans. I think they both have a place. IIFYM is great for those who are in their offseason or if they don't compete, then is a great way to go about their nutrition as it allows for variety of foods. Fixed plans I think have there place usually for me leading into a bodybuilding comp, just to eliminate any potential inconsistencies, especially in the month or 2 leading in.

    What is your favourite ‘clean’ meal that you often incorporate throughout your week?

    I love eating mince meat and have it every day of the week, so any meal I can make with it would be my favourite!

    Do you incorporate Cheat Meals or Refeeds into your regime? How do you judge when is the right time to incorporate such, and what would be your ideal meal of choice?

    I'm not a "cheat meal' fan, I prefer refeed days where my calorie intake for the whole day is increased, mainly through carbs and a little bit of fat. Leading into a comp, I would incorporate a more flexible day, where I might fit a treat or 2 in as long as at the end of the day it still allows me to hit my macros.

    Carbohydrates are always a hot topic in this industry when it comes to dieting. How do you approach how to manipulate carbohydrates when you are dieting? Do you significantly reduce them in the lead up to competition or a meet?

    Well yes, they get reduced, that's how I would go from being in a surplus into a deficit. However, they wouldn't go as low as what you may hear a lot of people let their carbohydrates get to. How much food you end up on during prep is determined by how well you performed in your offseason.

    What tip can you provide readers to help them stay on track when following a strict diet? Is there anything you specifically do to avoid temptations and to make the process easier for you?

    Think of the goal and why you began the journey to start with. What was the motivation then and does it still drive you now? Set short, medium and long term goals. Having a long term goal makes it easier to strive for the short term goal and having a short term goal helps with long term goals.

    You are currently sponsored by GEN-TEC Nutrition; what made you elect this supplement company to represent above all others in this industry?

    I was working at a strength facility that stocked some of their product along with a couple of other brands, but I really just loved the fact that Gen-Tec was an Australian company that prided itself on quality and that's what I'm all about!

    What are you favourite products from GEN-TEC and when do you use them?

    This is a tricky one as I love and use more than three. I would say:
    - Gen-Tec TR3: Post training, it is ultra convenient and has everything required after intense exercise that I need, especially as I'm never hungry after training, so a shake works best.
    - Gen-Tec P2P: Again, for the convenience factor as it has everything I want in an intraworkout supplement, plus it tastes amazing as well and helps me stay hydrated.
    - Gen-Tec Thermofuel or Powerfuel: Depending on the goal or my headspace I find Thermofuel makes me concentrate a little better probably due to the Carnitine and the powerful I like if I feel switched on already and need some help with the vasodilators in it.

  • Personal Information:

    How did you first get involved in both Bodybuilding and then Powerlifting? 

    I was training in an old school gym and someone mentioned I should compete in a natural bodybuilding comp, as I had a decent physique for a young lad. My Father, who used to own a gym in Adelaide back in the 80's and had participated in some bodybuilding himself, so it seemed like a natural progression. Powerlifting came along in the same fashion, where after I competed in my first bodybuilding season, the powerlifting coach at the gym said I should compete and the rest is history!

    How long have you been a Personal Trainer and Coach? You’ve done incredibly well to own your own business. Can you tell us a bit more about Hold Your Own?
    I've been a coach now for 10 years, since I was 18. I started up Hold Your Own in 2013 while I was prepping myself and a few others. I started up Hold Your Own as I could see there was a lack of coaches out there that knew what they were doing and who were following evidence-based protocols. We now have 5 coaches as well as a training facility and are growing bigger and bigger.

    What are your goals over the next five years, with respect to both your business and competing, for both Bodybuilding and Powerlifting?
    Business wise in the next 5 years would just be to keep growing the facility and potentially open up more facilities. For me personally with competitions, I would like to again one day get back on the stage, but I won't until everything aligns for it to happen; when business is steady, family life is settled down and I feel like I am at my best again. So in the meantime, powerlifting it is as it's a bit easier to do and doesn't put as big a stress on life in general as bodybuilding can.

    Congratulations on having recently become a Father to two, beautiful twin girls! How has becoming a Father changed you and how has this impacted your own training and work?
    Thank you! It's changed me a lot I think. I have a better perspective on life balance where as a few years back, training was my life; now it's just part of my life. Becoming a father initially put training on the back burner for a few months but now I'm actually the strongest I've ever been so if anything motivates me to become better to someday make them proud.

    Your wife Sophie is also very successful in the fitness industry, and a role model to many women and especially mothers! Do you think it is important is it to have a partner who shares the same passion for health and fitness as you?

    In our relationship, it certainly works very well! However, that's not to say others out there have to be like that. Sophie is very supportive and helps to motivate me during those times where I am a bit beat up from training. So I think as long as you have a supportive partner, it shouldn't matter.

    Are there any final words you want to leave us with?

    I would firstly like to thank Nick and Angela Jones from Gen-Tec who have believed in me and stood by me since 2009 and provide me with the very best supplements on the market. I would also like to thank my beautiful wife Sophie, who supports me with everything that I do, no matter if it's business or with my own personal ambitions.


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